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Very often we do when we do not have time to do something — breaks down when it was necessary to keep silent — not panic when you do not have the strength to think — we complain about the circumstances and fate. We do it, not wanting to admit that in many cases are guilty.

Blame that mindlessly spend bioenergy resources of the body, which are always limited. Usually this manifests itself in the fact that adequately respond to difficult situations. If you want to find out what type of people about — saving or energorastochiteley — and learn what to do in a particular case, answer the test questions published.

1. What image do you prefer:
a) suffering, emaciated Jesus;
b) krugloschekogo smiling Buddha;
c) the evil, arrogant Satan.

2. Do you share your problems with others:
a) No, it does not help me;
b) Of course, if there is a suitable companion;
c) not always, sometimes me and most (most) hard to think about them.

3. How strong you are experiencing suffering:
a) Always hard enough;
b) it depends on the circumstances;
c) I'm trying to endure, not doubting that any trouble sooner or later come to an end.

4. Do you drink alcohol in order to:
a) "drown" in it its own problems;
b) somehow dispel all your "headaches";
c) just what I like.

5. Do you believe in the existence of energy vampires:
a) yes, because I face them every day;
b) No, it's all fiction parapsychologists;
c) did not think (eh) on it, and without too many problems.

6. What do you do when something hurts you deeply:
a) deliver yourself the joy that long could not afford;
b) go to good friends;
c) sit at home and feel sorry for himself (herself) itself.

7. When a loved one hurts you:
a) "hiding in its shell";
b) require an explanation;
c) tell about it to anyone who is willing to listen only.

8. In the happy and joyful moments you:
a) do not think about experiencing misfortune;
b) fear that this moment will pass too quickly;
c) do not forget that in life there are a lot of bad.

9. In your opinion, fate:
a) you are persecuted;
b) is not fair to you;
a) favorable to you.

10. What do you think after a fight with a loved one, when your anger has passed:
a) That's nice that you have had in the past;
b) a secret dream of vengeance;
c) think about how much you are away from it (he) has already suffered.

From 7 to 15 points. You can easily reconciled with their troubles, troubles even as they are able to correctly assess. It is also important that you do not like too much self-pity (weakness, which is to nourish yourself a few). Your peace of mind is admirable. You think of the energy-saving type of people.

16 to 26 points. It happens that you sometimes laments her fate. And yet you have the perfect outlet — the opportunity to throw out their problems on others. After that, you immediately feel better. (Of course, it is important that you carefully listen and empathize your problems and troubles.) Yet think about it: if you do not control yourself better instead of having to constantly deal with their problems in such a way? Take the time to get books on yoga, auto-training, health psychology. There you will find plenty of tips to help you put things in the energy saving mode of the organism.

Between 27 and 39 points. You do not have learned to cope with their troubles. Therefore, they have so plagued. You prefer to look inward, self pity, throw a tantrum or scandal. In general, always ready to "heat" of their surroundings at all gratuitous energy. You — energorastochitel, and this is your big trouble. For a "first aid" recipes are the same as above.

But, alas, you're like a diabetic, his life will have to keep yourself, learn new techniques of self-control and mental relaxation. But it is likely that even this is not enough, because the causes of your "inadequacies" are complex and deeply hidden. And for them to diagnose and repair need professional help — a psychoanalyst or a psychic.

Source: "Publishing House, Victor Schwartz and K"


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