Save the planet by antropoinzhenerii

Save the planet by antropoinzhenerii save the planet

In the fight against global warming, many conventional solutions in the form of government programs and environmentally friendly way of life while give little results. Such radical ways geoengineering as launching into the air large amounts of sulfur, involve a huge risk to the entire planet. But there is another way to overcome the potentially dangerous effects of future climate change. It is necessary to change a person with antropoinzhenerii.

Anthropological engineering can make people less to reduce their energy consumption.

The proposed approach has much less risk than geoengineering, said one of the authors of the idea Anders Sandberg and his colleagues at the University of Oxford. In addition, antropoinzheneriya only reinforce the efforts of environmentalists and state. The scientists did not call for mass deployment of its developments, but consider them worthy of attention.

What do they offer?

enter intolerance to red meat (In the future to lactose), as production costs are associated with higher emissions of greenhouse gases;

reduce people to reduce energy consumption by each individual. This is achieved by engaging in small selection of embryos by preimplantation diagnosis. Such a diagnosis, by the way, helps to identify genetic diseases at an early stage of development. People will have a choice — to give life to a greater number of small children, or fewer large;

reduce fertility by increasing the intelligence. Scientifically proven that the higher cognitive abilities of people, the lower was their community are the birth rate. Enhance the intellectual development goes through a more efficient system of education, as well as electrical stimulation of the brain and specific drugs;

-ensure the accessibility of such hormones as oxytocin, which has the ability to make people more altruistic and empathic. This will help to unite humanity and increase empathy for animals and the problems associated with the environment.

Geoengineering solutions to global climate change include the injection of sulfur particles and other aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect excessive sunlight back into space, water saturation of the oceans with iron, which will spur the growth of algae, carbon dioxide absorbent. With their demise CO2 will remain at the bottom. Most incredible geoengineering proposal would be to create special ground tanks to hold excess carbon.

In general, the developers believe that all listed geoinzhinernye proposals involve the same difficulties as their effect can not be tested in a test mode. You need to either use them, and then the consequences will be felt on a global scale, or give them up. After replacement of the Earth we have. But the results can be antropoinzhenerii first test, although they may not be less risky, but on a much smaller scale.

As for the rejection of stereotypes about experiments on humans and the negative opinion that to improve the intelligence people are taking the pill, A. Sandberg says this is equivalent to what we know about the addiction to drink coffee, but I still drink it, because caffeine is an excellent stimulant. A regular iodized salt is used throughout to prevent dementia in children, even though this perfect man, artificial. This may also include fluoridation of drinking water, vaccinations, etc. Importantly know when to stop and be very observant and careful.

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