Science in disarray




Religious tradition claims that the disease — this car man for his sins. The sins should be aware of and ask forgiveness for them, and if this is not done and hide behind drugs — still sick. That is the law of retribution from the Christians and the law of karma — the Buddhists. See the latest scientific data, which will make even non-believers to believe in this law.
A significant association between long-term use of antibiotics and the occurrence of breast tumors. This was pre observe about 10,000 women, doctors reported from Washington State in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It was found that women who had taken any antibiotics for a total of more than five days of twenty years, primary breast tumors diagnosed twice as often than those of their peers, do not use the drugs. Doctors still can not explain the results, but the claim that "they see no reason to believe that antibiotics themselves provoke malignant transformation of breast tissue."
Kara consequence of karma. After all, as it turns out!


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