Scientists at Baikal will predict an earthquake up to 2 days

January 7, 2013. In the early spring on Baikal appears deep scientific station, which will allow the experts to predict earthquakes in two days by high-precision measurements of the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Lake Baikal is located in a seismically active rift zone, which is located in the Irkutsk region and Buryatia. It regularly occur quite powerful tremors with an epicenter near Lake Baikal.

The inverse image of the station appeared 10 years ago, when in 2003 Baikal special unit has been mounted, which is an electrical antenna sensors and an acoustic transmitter. In the summer of 2008, scientists were able to fix the major changes and unusual variation of the electric field on the eve of a major earthquake of magnitude 8 points, the epicenter of which was located in the south of Lake Baikal. According to experts, they discovered phenomenon is of tectonic nature, however, the details of the mechanism of the electromagnetic field changes before the earthquake require clarification and verification.

To solve the problem of Irkutsk University staff developed a series of advanced stations, allowing to make long-term multi-parameter monitoring. The first station will be put into operation in March of this year. This station can record six components of the electromagnetic field. At the moment, began assembling the station.

After entering the power plant scientists in real time will receive all Internet registrable station sonar information. In the future it is possible to Baikal system will be established, with which scientists can predict the location, time and force of impending earthquakes.

Funding for the project is financed by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the budget of the Irkutsk region. The studies involved experts Electromagnetic Research Center of the Institute of Physics of the Earth named Schmidt Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Nuclear Research.

Source: News of Mining and Geosciences

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