Scientists have discovered that the human brain perceives the pain of others as his own




Neuroscientist Tania Singer (Tania Singer) and her colleagues at University College London (University College London) found that for the ability to feel the pain of others — compassion, empathy — meet the same areas of the human brain that react to the pain caused to him.

To find out, researchers conducted the following experiment. At the time, as 16 women received electric shocks on his hands, the researchers scanned their brains using functional magnetic resonance technology mapping (functional magnetic resonance imaging — fMRI).

It was found that the brain was activated in several areas, including sensory and emotional.

Then the women forced to watch as the shocks get their male partners. As a result, activated the same brain mechanism which is responsible for its own perception of pain women. And the emotional activity of some of them were more active than others.

The researchers concluded that "compassion is the evolutionary function" and intend to conduct the same experiment with men and people who are not familiar with each other.

Battery News, 24.02.2004 9:07
Source: Membrana

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