Scientists: Moscow expects 5.0 earthquake


Yevgeny Rogozhin

14.03.11.Zamdirektora the Institute of Physics of the Earth predicted major upheavals in the capital: the planet entered a seismically dangerous period.Po seismologists scientists predict, will soon take place in the Capital Region is the strongest ever earthquake — earthquakes may reach 5 points on the scale Rihtera.Vsled for Japan in the near future disasters await Kamchatka, the Kuril Islands and the Caucasus.

— The events in Japan, of course, unique. I did not expect such a magnitude — describes his first reaction to the events in Honshu, the deputy director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth Yevgeny Rogozhin. — The fact that there will be an earthquake, and we and our foreign colleagues were expecting wrote about this in the literature. With the time and place we were right, but the magnitude we are very surprised.
Scientists from the Institute are working regularly forecast seismic earth. According to their expectations, the earthquake likely in southern Kamchatka, Northern Kuriles, near the island Berenguer in northern Kamchatka, and the likely variations in the Caucasus.

Here we have a long-standing truce, so experts suggest the imminent change in the situation.

As for the Russian capital, in this region there is no so-called local earthquakes.

— In Moscow, there are sensible earthquakes, which came from the Carpathian Mountains, the deep zone in the area of Romania. There shaking about every 30 years. In Moscow these tremors are recorded as an earthquake at 4 points, a maximum of 5 — on the upper floors of buildings. Basically, with the last such event took a lot of time — it was in 1977. Therefore, there is reason to believe that the earthquake in Moscow possible.

The exact date is not a seismologist calls, limited reservation "the next 10 years." However, given the cyclical theory of tectonic shifts, it is possible that "near" the time may be much closer.

— Now the Earth is experiencing a period of seismic activity, — says Evgeny Rogozhin. — See how many powerful earthquakes 8 and even more than 9 points of recent years — Chile in 2010, Sumatra in 2004 and 2005. Prior to that, so strong earthquakes were recorded in the middle of the last century.

On last year's cataclysm in Haiti 7 points Rogozhin even mention: hundreds of thousands of people died not because of the power impact, but because of the proximity to the source of the capital Port-au-Prince.

— Today's earthquake in Japan could greatly change the topography of the country — said Rogozhin. — A huge layer of the cortex of 500 km will change its position, which can not affect the Japanese islands.

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