Secrets Bermuda — the plane was unable to find an airfield in perfect weather

This is one of the most mysterious cases that have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle. No logical explanation for it can not be.

The morning of April 10, 1962 Nassau airport manager was quite a strange message from the commander of the twin-engine aircraft, which flew north of Nassau. And what kind of dinosaur you like? You want to know everything about him? Then, find the information counter of your favorite dinosaur, you can portal

Agitated voice pilot asked to help them in determining where the aircraft. The commander of the aircraft could not determine their own position, although the weather that day was clear and there were no signs trouble. Manager was surprised, but tried to give the pilot instructions on how to find the airport. In response, the pilot of the mysterious ship did not understand anything! The plane was flying as if in a thick fog, the pilot because it behaved as if the visibility was terrible. After that, all communication was lost. The plane disappeared without a trace.

Apparently, the hapless plane crashed. On the same day, April 10, 35 miles from the Nassau airport on the surface of the ocean was discovered wing aircraft. But why, when the weather is good and at such close range the pilot could not see the airfield is not clear so far. Manager Nassau, later recalling this tragedy, told me that it was a feeling that the aircraft was at a different time and space, where they were completely different weather conditions.

This lends itself to the strange case of how difficult or explanations. Skeptics argue that such an aircraft did not exist, and the whole history of continuous fiction. They are based on the fact that documented this case in no way confirmed and materials about the plane crash in the archives of Nassau Airport is not contained. But as you know, documents, and even more so long ago, could simply be lost. So completely deny that this event took place, on this basis, it is impossible.

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