Secrets of the unique forest

This unique forest can be seen in Bulgaria, 18 km from Varna. It is situated on the sandy hills, but in contrast to conventional wood, it does not crackle twigs underfoot, not the leaves rustle in the wind and the birds are singing, just sand trickling between single trunks. That's because the trees are replaced with stones — eight-meter hollow column.

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The place is actually called "Stone Forest" or "drive stones." But who and when they "drove"? There are about twenty of hypotheses about the origin of the strange forest.

One of them, the most popular, said that once there lapping sea, and had it for about 50 million years ago. At the bottom of the sea formed layers of different breeds, and while changing era, the seams were soldered together. And formed the mysterious stone pillars. Under the action of wind and water hewing stones and gradually took the form of fantastic trees.

Another hypothesis is that the columns — a giant corals that once grew on the bottom of the sea. The empty space due to the fact that the stone could grow around the giant plants, such as tropical mangroves. Rotted trunks, and the columns with the space inside remained.

According to the latest hypothesis "hammered" stones — nothing is spilled from the sea bed methane. Rises around the gas jets were deposited microorganisms that solder quartz sand. So grown stone columns remained empty inside because of gas held there.

Many stones are even their names — Family, Soldier, Tron, The Devil, Monk and others. The names they received from local residents. At the edge of the forest near the low three columns long ago aborigines posted a magic stone circle. According to legend, whoever gets to it without going through all the columns along the way, and linger in his heart for a few minutes to become successful person. But this is not easy, as in the forest with people always unusual things happened.

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