«Sensational» «Izvestia». Now about the «Armour-C1»

For quite a long Russian media have typical nasty tradition. First, there is sensational news negative disposition of Russian armed forces — on the progress of modernization, of service criteria, etc. Then her other reprint editions, the news spread and receives significant … And come official refutation, in which the situation unfolds on the shelves, and it turns out that in the initial message, or scandalous were incorrectly interpreted the facts, expressed or does not deal in reality. Yet, almost always official denials do not receive such distribution, as bad «sensation.»

Carapace-C1 (center radar target tracking) — Two double-barreled anti-aircraft guns and 12 surface to air missiles, ready to run

Another act of this farce happened almost a day or while he was in some measure the extraordinary. For some unknown reason before «sensation» in the main appeared on Mon afternoon. Perhaps it has something to do with the beginning of the working week and the opportunity to spread the news more effectively, if at the weekend. To its credit, the press service of the Defense Ministry, the majority of denials also reported in Mon Now the time frame for some reason moved significantly. Message about the troubles re-emerged last Friday (September 14), and it’s only rebuttal to this Tuesday (September 18).
14th, funny day on the web site of the newspaper «Izvestia», a note with the sonorous title of «Land Forces refused» Armoring «.» In it, with reference to some source in the Land Forces Command stated that the Defense Department does not want to buy more anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes «Armour-C1.» As a prerequisite of this complex were named properties that Tipo not meet the technical requirements of the military. It is easy to guess that the name or other «coordinates» of the source is not named. It should be noted, is almost always in the context of similar «sensationalism» portrayed some anonymous sources in the Defense Ministry, the military-industrial complex, etc. And in most cases, information acquired from anonymous users can not find the proof.

Yet, the terrible reputation of anonymous sources did not prevent «News» to refer to another 1st similar character now Tipo relevant to the defense industry. According to another anonymous, have already been conducted comparative tests of air defense systems «Armour-C1» and «Tor-M2», which ended far not in favor of the former. «Armour-C1» Tipo has the following shortcomings: the missile can hit maneuvering targets, complex enough mobile and has difficulty with electronics. In the end, «the representative of DIC» referred to the strategic uselessness ZRPK short range. He believes that in modern warfare similar technique will be rapidly destroyed by enemy aircraft using guided weapons respective range.

Tuesday evening press service of the Defence Ministry official published data on announcements of «armor.» As it turns out, no waiver of procurement and never planned. ZRPK «Armour-C1» adopted for, the troops Aerospace Defence already operates 10 items. In recent years — until the end of October — EKR troops receive the second installment of new anti-aircraft missile and gun systems. Currently, the main objective of these complexes is a cover positions of S-400 from unsafe objects in the near field. Deliveries in the Army have not yet started due to lack of the respective modification of the complex, which is still under development.

Means of military defense are a number of relevant features needed for this protection of troops on the march and on the battlefield. Among them, those who were not poor permeability. According to Deputy Director General Instrument Design Bureau (Tula), which was designed «Armour-C1» Yu Savenkov the currently main complaint is the chassis of the Land Forces of the complex. Military fluctuate as a wheeled undercarriage and wish to get tracked. How will the caterpillar design options «armor-S1» and will be built layout, you can draw conclusions about its prospects. But at the moment it is clear, the complex will be delivered to the ground and, contrary to the claims of an anonymous defense industry, not compete, but complement the «Tor-M2».

Questions adopting we got. Now it would not hurt the brakes on allegations of «source» in the defense industry. Let’s start from the beginning. Tipo rocket 57E6E can not hit maneuvering targets. Claimed maximum overload, which can maneuver missile equivalent to 10 units. From this it follows that it is able to destroy all kinds of purposes, which must deal with the air defense troop near zone. Mobility complex. Hardly wheeled chassis KAMAZ-6560 can be called good. On the highway ZRPK at its base can move at speeds up to 90 km per hour. When driving on rough terrain greatest rate decreases significantly, but remains at the level of most other military equipment. In general, as already mentioned, the only problem is the wheel chassis in its least superior patency compared with caterpillar.

In the end, a small firing range. Reasons «defense representative» about a radius acts «armor-S1» for a knowledgeable person look pretty amazing. In the past few years, the 10-s in our country used the concept of layered defense. As defense of the country and army antiaircraft weapons are divided into several groups depending on the radius of the act and are used in accordance with it. For example, as part of an army air defense complexes are as small and short ranges (2Q12 «Cube» 2K20 «Tunguska») with a range of at least 15-30 km, and far-300V, beating 100 with superfluous. So Makar, the troops have the opportunity to defeat continuous zone with a radius of a few 10’s of km and cover tightly column technique or principal objects. Breakthrough such defense is very challenging — almost most of the air attack will be smitten before come to their own goals for adequate clearance. Complexes «Armour-C1» in such a system is given the same role, and more than that of early «Tunguska». Self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun system must be in a convoy of vehicles near or covers stationary object and ensure, if I may say so, the last level of protection. In addition, such a system with a small radius of deeds used to close the so-called dead funnel anti-aircraft missiles of increasing range.

As we see, all expressed in well-known publication or abstracts were refuted by official sources, or broken into fragments other public information. «Armor-S1» continue to be delivered to the troops and improve. What to sensational media reports, their premise is most likely desire to boost their ratings, even at the cost misinterpretation of facts or involving some anonymous sources. To save the usual information situation in the country would do well to get rid of this nasty phenomenon. But this is a totally different story.

source topwar.ru

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