SEOUL increases the range of its missiles to 800 km and you can reach any point in the DPRK

Vladimir Kutakhov. In accordance with a new contract with the United States, Republic of Korea / Kazakhstan / builds its own range missiles from existing 300 to 800 km. As the representative of the presidential administration Chun Yung-woo, a corresponding agreement was signed today.
Contract with the U.S. allows Kazakhstan to develop new ballistic missiles extended range capable to cover the entire area of ​​the DPRK, provided launch from the South Korean town of Taejon / 100 km south of Seoul /.
The agreement also provides for increased weight warheads, including also those acts which the least distance of 800 km. Currently available on the weight limit warhead up to 500 kg.
In accordance with the bilateral agreement of 1979, also with the changes introduced in 2001, the range of South Korean missiles acts could not exceed 300 km, and the weight of the warhead was a maximum of 500 kg. Now the allies agreed that the respective proportions of more languid warhead missiles can be mounted on the lower range.
Also from 500 kg to 2.5 tonnes permissible weight increased South Korean unmanned aerial vehicles / UAVs /. In Seoul, Yonhap news agency writes, this time considered a very fundamental, because the UAV can be mounted weapons for strikes.
«The principle for the South Korean government in the new arrangements is that they will deter armed provocations by North Korea. We will provide a proactive and various means to neutralize the North Korean nuclear and missile capability «- said Cheon Yong W.

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