Set for collecting maple sap from Tap My Trees

Set for collecting maple sap from Tap My Trees guide presents

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To your kitchen does not run dry aroma of freshly brewed maple syrup, enough to buy a set of Tap My Trees and collect maple sap itself. The effect of the trees will be minimal. The set consists of three metal covers, which prevent the ingress of snow, rain and garbage collection containers of juice, 3 aluminum bucket capacity of 7.5 liters with a reinforced frame, 3 groove, stainless steel, which will drain the juice, three hooks, which hold buckets on the grooves, drill for drilling holes in the trunk of maple fabric to further filter the contents of buckets. Additionally, the buyer receives a book that describes the process of maple syrup production with step by step instructions and fotogidom.
Can be purchased at a price: $ 110

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