Shakhtar into buying electronic codes for pets


14.11.12.Soglasno "Pet Rules" developed by the Donetsk city council, all pet owners in the city will be required to undergo a mandatory registration of their pets.
As it became known portal "Donetsk. Comments ", all information about the pet, as well as information about the person who has it, it is supposed to make a single electronic database, Donetsk. Registration includes the issuance of the townspeople, containing pets, registration certificate and license tokens for dogs.
For their own means pet owners will be required to purchase a special tag to put on them an identification number, which will be attached to the collar, pet.
All pets in Donetsk will be "birkovatsya and / or chipped." Chipping will be conducted by the "implantation under the skin of the animal sterile capsule containing a microchip (transponder) with an electronic code."
These rules will be submitted to the next session of Donetsk city council, which will be held on November 23. And, if approved, will take effect from 2013.

Agriculture Ministry proposes to establish an electronic register of livestock

RBC-Ukraine, 26.10.2012, Kiev, 14:01

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has to create the Unified State Register of animals. Text of the Order is available at the official website of Ministry of Agrarian Policy.

According to the order, the register of the animals is an electronic database of the identified animals and their owners, farms, movement, slaughter, disposal, destruction, loss of such animals.

The registry administrator animals will be the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine, which in fixed order the identification and registration of animals, provides registration and issuance of identity documents.

Information from the register of the animals is open, with the exception of the personal data of the owner, and available for free on the basis of the statement in the form of an extract from the register.

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