Shakpak debris, swam Kentau


10.02.12.Uzhe fifth day rescue of southern Kazakhstan are struggling with the elements, clad in a snowdrift Baidibek area.
The most difficult situation in the village Shakpak. Here, under a huge mass of snow height of 10 meters are buried not only flocks and corrals, but human habitation.

Of the 53 houses in the snow shakpakskih trap released 49. Virtually the entire adult population of the village have been working hard on clearing.

By soobscheniyupress-sekretaryaDChS the SKO Armand Asipbekova in Shakpak to disaster relief has 19 vehicles and 189 rescuers.

In some houses and barns collapsed roof, unable to bear the yoke of the snow. In the village began dying cattle. But the worst thing the locals say, come. If rescuers will take out all the snow away from the village and will not help restore shakpaktsam drainage system, the increase in temperature will lead to a great flood.

But if the people of the area in fear Baidibek expected spring flooding, for their neighbors from Kentau deluge has started. Apartment residents flooded by gusts of heating pipes. This happened after the on-mestnoyTETs 5byl running boiler that supplies heat to the apartment and private homes Kentau.

Recall that on the night of 3 to 4 February, at CHP-5proizoshla accident that in the 30-degree cold without heating left half Kentau. Week to eliminate PE worked dozens of spices. First, heat is transferred to kindergartens, hospitals, schools. It was in the Wednesday-Thursday. The next step was the restoration of residential heating — and then swam city.

— My 70 year old mother today with the night engaged in that rake the water basins of the rooms — Outraged resident Kentau Alexander Semenov. — She was the day after the operation to go, and in her apartment flood.

Alexander said he was trying to fix leaks in the home, but harnesses and collars, put on the heating pipes, were ineffective means. After a couple of hours the water in the apartment again zahlestala fountain.

— We tried to call akimatovskogo staff to bring a team of repairmen, but there is generally no one to answer the phone — said Alexander. — Then I ran to the city administration itself, and then I said, "Wait. We have many challenges. Everywhere impulses. " In short, the trouble one of these community services, they have an accident on the CHP, the pipe breaks, and the elderly suffer the infirm, children, the common people!

When and how this flood is over, no one can say until you can …

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Author: Gani Karakoz


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