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"North Caucasus", 12.11.2003, Nalchik, n45, p.20

Author: Vasily Khoprov

The heart of Stavropol — Fortress Mountain. In addition to modern buildings, such as the swimming pool, there are preserved and ancient buildings. One of them — the art school. Popular rumor claims that the whole house is packed with otherworldly beings.

Deciding to earn extra money, one student got a job as a watchman here. Very convenient: night duty — three of them at home. Any talk about the evil power guy swept aside. Especially because it has taken on the duty beloved dog, a vicious Doberman. About four o'clock in the morning the watchman heard in the depths of the building, in one of the lecture, a loud conversation. Someone was arguing, cursing. Crept on tiptoe, the student clearly discerned: screaming as if from the incredible pain. But who — woman, child or animal?

Doberman Pinscher — the most desperate and courageous dog breed. But this time the faithful guardian showed remarkable cowardice. Whined piteously, clung to the legs, in the audience and did not go. And yet no one was there.

The next morning told classmates about a strange night incident. And found out that the ghost of a young woman walking through the building for decades. Have seen it in the store and on the tower. And yet — the shapeless creature that carries a lit candle slowly low above the floor, inches in twenty or thirty. Through the stained glass mirror is seen by many.

Frankly, I do not believe in any damn thing. And probably for good reason. After all, miracles do not contradict the laws of nature. They only contradict our ideas of the past. So said St. Augustine, who lived sixteen centuries ago. So, how to disagree with him? I recently learned: Izobilnenskaya in the area there are a magical place where "buried" all the secrets and the meaning of human existence. Looks magical place miserable bald spots, but has incredible power! The clock on this tiny patch of diameter and a half meter slows down for 20 minutes, amulets gain power and strength. Therefore izobilnentsy about this place is not very spread. But then two years ago I talked about the other mysteries of this particular Izobilnensky area! Not far from the village Naydenovskoy was allegedly tunnel leading to the village of Moscow. Strong trade links connecting the two villages. And thanks to the mysterious tunnel. Because if you walk or even ride in a cart — a half-day expenses. And if the underground road — only twenty minutes. When under the Soviet regime in Moscow closed the church, evil spirits of the underworld as if raged. Naydenovskie old woman who as a child used to go with his parents to Moscow at Easter and Whitsun, persistently bind together these two events: the desecration of the holy church, and the riot of the Devil's mouth, as has long been called the local "underground".

Religious people have to beware the wiles of the devil and get a scary place party. A young atheist — though that! Three desperate lads were adjusted with the girls in Moscow. They went into the tunnel — and seemed to be dissolved. As if it was not, and they were never in this world. Soon disappeared another resident of the village. He sank to the cart belongings, drove into the tunnel — and meet!

When these legends have come down to local ethnographers, in Naydenovskom visited the research group "Heritage". Members to the damn place is not even fit on a gun shot. No anomalies instruments are not recorded. However, the intrepid explorers felt incomprehensible nausea, dizziness, unexplained anxiety.

Stories about Naydenovskom tunnel could be attributed to the popular folklore. If they had not found evidence Izobilnenskaya in the same area, but in a different village. Nothing remarkable, it muffled the village: the old huts and around — green hills. If you ask the locals what the hills, they will respond briefly but clearly: "There — hell!" The biggest hill on the outskirts of the village and is called — Scary. In autumn, when the prairie winds change direction, it sounds like the organ. But try to convince the locals!

And then our tireless atheists have contributed. A few years ago they appeared on the slopes of Mount Dreadful with their recorders, borders and other attributes. Hell had already started at the entrance to the cave. All appliances, even compasses, refused to work, or showed "the price of firewood." Where we did not disappear — one of the researchers, Michael T., crawled into the cave. He was under the ground about half an hour out of there like a scalded cat. Catching his breath, began to tell:

— I crawled along the narrow manhole twenty minutes, downhill. Then he got into some underground gallery (not Naydenovsky or tunnel, he, too, goes around here?). Next came across a cave hall: all shining quartz, studded with teeth like a devil. Completely dry and even warm. And for her — a huge underground palace. And the thunder, as if somewhere there runs an underground river. And the strangest thing — I was not alone there! Of all the angles being watched someone's eyes. I seemed to have been in hell!

They laughed, pozuboskalit. Lit a small fire, a snack. And if Michael demon possessed: climb one more time — and that's it. The underground river for any caver — a dream.

Michael again was tied with a rope, and he crawled …

And suddenly the rope as if deadened. Pull — Michael does not respond. Pulled the body is no sign of life. On the face of frozen grimace of horror. Police opened a criminal case, all but written off by accident. Since then, the damn cave no one leg.

Stories about the temptations of the local underground steppes no exception. Few people know that he * is the city of Stavropol in the underground catacombs. * And of strange phenomena going on there a lot. For example, in the Industrial police station lodged barabashka who constantly bullies: that roars, then pushes the wall, then cross malyuet, then something else nabezobraznichaet. There is detailed evidence that the lake Sengileevsky live mermaids! In the tract Russian dacha — tectonic fault, "pillar" incomprehensible power plants gigantism. And anyway, if you must know, in the 13th book, "Agni Yoga" The Caucasus is listed as one of the places light brotherhood of Shambhala! The axis of the Altai — Himalayas — Caucasus connects us directly with the great cosmos. That's just feel — a stone's throw!
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