Shark appeared near bay of Saint-Tropez


2.08.11Neskolko cases sharks meeting with people in the Bay of the French resort of Saint-Tropez was recorded this weekend.

Sailor Nicolas Faucon, who works in the port of Saint-Tropez, in two days, met three times with the shark. As the portal, the first meeting took place on Saturday at about 11 am.

Nicolas stopped his boat in front of the construction site Villanova and plunged into the water to untangle Anchors. "In fifty centimeters from my shark swam. I'm sure this is 100%, — he says — like animals hard to find. Its length is more than two meters. She looked at me and swam to the other side. "

Nicolas threw gear as quickly as possible to be on the surface. His wife, Brigitte, who was in the boat, said her husband "was in a panic."

The Port Authority began looking sharks that have failed.

"After I calmed down, I went back into the water. The same scene was repeated an hour later. This time I had the feeling that the shark was frightened at the sight of me. She quickly swam away, "- he said.

By the way, the word Fauconnier confirmed and another sailor, who also claims that on the night of Saturday to Sunday in three hours apportionment shark in the harbor.

But the story does not end there. On Sunday, Nicolas Faucon again "lucky" to meet with a shark: "This time it was a bit further away. I saw a glimpse of her … "

By the way, as we have said EUROMAG, Two weeks ago, the appearance of shark sparked panic in another French resort — in the Bay of Arcachon, near Bordeaux. Witnesses claim that the shark swam in five or six meters from the shore. The beach was immediately closed to swimming.



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