Shift in the Carpathian mountains cut off from the world of village


23.07.11.Iz-by heavy rains in the Carpathian mountain village Tisiv went on the road. More than 75 homes are cut off from the world.

Farmers are not able to get to the store, a pharmacy, and children — to school. Under threat and destruction of homes. For several days, the family with two children Protsevichev afraid of being underground.


"Landslides formed overnight and continue to this day," — told the hosts.

A few meters from the mountain flows a small stream.

"If the bias goes in the water, then a lake. Then the floods can not be avoided, "- said the village head Ivan Yatsinin.

Landslides continue for weeks. Workers have already taken more than 400 trucks of land.

"Living here is terrible," — says a local resident Nicholas Protsevich, which comes at the courtyard only to work on the farm. He lives with neighbors.

The first step was made in June of last year, but started to clear away the rubble of land already in November. Work continues to this day. The Commission has made the act of reparation to victims for the family — it's six thousand hryvnia. They are obliged to allocate from the local budget. Village head — against. Says the agricultural budget has no money. A shift has led negligence contractors — they do not comply with the technology explosion of the mountain.

Alexander LISKONOG


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