Shit Without Borders


19.07.11.V accident in plants Kursk experienced massive release of untreated sewage into the river Diet, which carries them to the Sumy region.

Reported by the Internet publication "Chernigov monitor", citing its own correspondent GolosUAv Moscow.

According Rosprirodnadzor, river pollution resulted from the accident at the main treatment plant Kursk, located in the village of Voroshnevo. The result was the death of the activated sludge treatment plants, which is used for biological treatment of water.
Following the accident specialists found an increased concentration of ammonia and the deaths of fish. Other harmful chemicals and pathogens in the river is still unknown, but if the release of waste will continue, they will happen.

Meanwhile, to ensure that grow a new layer of the deceased activated sludge, which is purified effluent would require at least three weeks. While the operational headquarters of the Russian Emergencies Ministry has decided to reduce the amount of wastewater.



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