Sinkhole in Bratsk. Video

Karst holes Arthur fell into a gully on the road right in the center of the city. Despite pleas for help, he was so no one helped.

The teenager fell into a gully under the asphalt, when he returned home in the evening. At one point, the land is literally gone from under his feet, and the student was up to his neck in hot water.

— I felt a crash and ended up in the water. At first I did not understand what was happening. Tried to escape — realized that I can not! Walked adult uncles, I told them twice shouted, "Help!", They did not respond — told Life News injured Arthur Gerasimov. — I have on hand rose. All my clothes ossified. I barely came home.

Frightened boy at home with tears in his eyes and dripping wet clothes hastily told the mother about the incident.

— I'm scared, I still shook, I emotionally could not understand at all what happened to me when he started telling everyone in hysterics, "Mom, I failed! Mom, I'm drowning! I almost died, and the people did not help! "I thought there and then fall into a swoon! — Horror mother of Arthur Olga Berezina.

In the morning she called the utility, where she was asked to compensate for the "inconvenience" money and hush up the story.

A few hours after the call Olga Berezina public utilities have left from the hole with water and disappeared. But the woman managed to take some pictures hole, which almost killed her son.

Olga insists that public services should at least fence off a dangerous place — her son was killed only because of excellent shape. In addition, the land in PE is still sags.

Confident that the tragedy could happen again, Olga filed a statement to the prosecutor. The application was accepted, now the Central District Prosecutor's Office in Bratsk conducts pre-investigation checks.

Catherine Agafonova

Source: Life News Online


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