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Karst holes

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20.06.11.Prolivnye rains caused the formation of a large dip in the 235 kilometer road along the route of Alta Verapaz, near the village of El Jocote District Chicaman.

According to local residents formed a funnel Saturday, while in the area were strong dozhdi.Glubina hole about 30 meters and the diameter of its spans the entire width of the roadway and approximately 25 metrov.Mestnye authorities say set the dimensions of the hole and assess damage .
Despite the risk of further collapse of adjacent areas, motorists, especially working on the production of corn and cardamom, and using this route to transport goods in the direction of Coban and Petén, dare to travel on an alternative route laid by the side of the road too close to failure.

"At the time of the failure was a loud bang, which caused tremors around the earth" — say people in several villages located not podaleku.
"He who travels frequently on this site the way, is often faced with problems such as the local government is in no hurry to correct these shortcomings," Reyes said Hernandez.
"We know how important this road for trade and industry, and will make every effort to restore the safe movement in this part of the track," — said Governor Raul Matias

Coordination Center for Emergency Response to announce evacuation 65 people in the municipality Tucuru, Alta Verapaz, as there is a risk of collapse of ground at residential home located on the slopes.

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