Sinkhole in Krasnoyarsk. Video

Karst holes

16.05.12.Iz-over accident on the street Belinsky was a huge traffic jam. Community services professionals to find out why failed asphalt.

Specialists URBAN & Kraskoma put forward their version of what happened — from the pipe break derelict until meltwater. Note that last year the asphalt fell into the same place.

"Today, we need to fix the problem that was normal movement. If the situation persists, we will fix it again. Confidence that it will not happen there, because the cause is not found, "- said the head of the department of urban economy Victor Yaschuk.

Experts assure: networks in order. Water is now sleeping, communal suggest that water was groundwater. Now restore the roadway will be the company "colors", this will cost money. Because the cause of the accident on the street Belinsky is natural, it is likely that the asphalt can fail again.

Source: TRC Prima TV

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