Sinkhole in Murom. Video

Karst holes

10.05.12.V Murom sinkhole occurred in the city center. "Exposure of history" in the literal sense. In Murom sinkhole occurred in the city center. PE occurred in the area 1100 years.

These frames are sent to us by our colleagues from the television "Murom meridian." Rescuers quickly left the scene. That which was hidden under the asphalt, impressed many. It turned out that in the very center of Murom — vaulted underground passages. And the failure — one of its areas of landslides. What is it — a strange communication or brick cellars urban shopping malls, experts have yet to determine. Meanwhile, rescuers are working on the site of failure. Crumbling arches are covered with slabs for the safety of residents.

Vladimir Ivanov, director of "MUROMSTROYZAKAZCHIK": "Of course, the walls of which are underground, their condition is satisfactory. There may be failures in other places but at this point would be enough to block even this major failure. "

Source: STRC Vladimir

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