Sinkhole in Sochi. Photo

Karst holes

18.07.11.Vchera Thieves parked on the street to the side of the road car Mitsubishi fell through the front wheels in the formed directly beneath the pit.
Car quickly pulled out. According to eyewitnesses formed to look into the failure, under the road gaping void sized studio apartment.

All night, and now a pit filled with gravel, which literally sank into the ground. Dangerous area was immediately fenced off access and parking of vehicles.

According to the workers formed Absorb blame leaky communication failure caused the erosion of soil from under the road polotna.Odnako citizens, observing the situation, blame the collapse of the construction of the sewer named conducted under this road.

Who is right will find out specialists. I decided to look into the resulting hole. In it the assurances residents have three cars peppered gravel.

Previously often put his car in the place, and now I plan to change koordinalno parking space chosen for this next street. Better safe than sorry!

Author: Eugene Sochi


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