Sinkhole in the village of Nizhny Novgorod region Taremskoe

Karst holes

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28.05.12.V Taremskoe village on Main Street in the garden of one of the houses there was a sinkhole. In the formed on the surface of the earth round hole with a diameter of about six meters and a depth of five meters on the left half of the height maple. The root system of the tree could not hold a patch of soil from destruction.

Hosts homeownership not immediately notice a dip in the garden, he came in a distant corner fairly large area, and the crown of the tree collapsed muted noise and covered pit. Perhaps the result would be a state of emergency for a long time is not found, if a failure is not pleased chicken. Poultry rescued jointly head of the family and neighbors-men. Though they are wary, but still went down to the unstable abyss, using a portable ladder.

At the scene was visited by representatives of the two administrations: Pavlov and Taremskoy. The owners of the problem of land will be assisted in filling the failure surface. This natural phenomenon occurs is not the first time. In the neighboring garden like PE was recorded about 30 years ago and was as unexpected, with no external premises.

Garden, where there was a failure, is located on the slope of a hill, which ends at the bottom of the lake. According to the owner of the affected households, this spring in their cellar for the first time in many years, there was water that drained through the walls of the pit. This is despite the fact that the cellar, like a house, at the top a hill and in a dry place.

Looking into the cold darkness of failure, you can imagine how anxious people to live in an area where the earth at any time can get away from the unpredictable feet.


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