Smoked fish — the cause of sudden premature death


14.12.12.V recent increase in cases of sudden premature death in middle age after the feast. Cause of death, along with the abundant use of alcohol was smoked fish, which is not really smoke, and paint and dipped in liquid smoke — a dangerous carcinogen that causes cancer and banned in the developed world.

Unscrupulous manufacturers choose cheap spoiled fish and smoke it without the smoke and fire, and such products in the stores and food markets about 90 percent. For the sake of a quick profit fish do not heat treated in a salt solution, in which she is not less than two days, so there are all kinds of dangerous bacteria and worms.

Usually smoked fish is dried for several days in the wind or in special ovens. Unscrupulous manufacturers make all the fan for a couple of hours. But this is not the end. When smoked any fish lose weight 30 percent, shrivels. And this loss. To fish returned to the original weight, smokehouse is a special device for injection. Fish makes several injections of a special solution of water, salt and starch.

When buying smoked fish should pay attention to the color of the meat and scales. If the fish is too bright, most likely, it was treated with dye. Attach to fish white paper napkin. If it remains on track, then dyed fish. If the fish is too strong smell of smoke, most likely, it is not smoked, and soaked in liquid smoke.

Given the number of counterfeits of smoked fish, it makes sense to give up a suspicious purchase, and thus maintain their health and possibly life. Moreover, that smoked fish is expensive, and there is no logic to their money to buy a deadly poison, which is tantamount to suicide.
Our People all shavaet.

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