Smoking during pregnancy

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The word "mother" is always closely associated with the care, love and other things to the best of our land. However, female smokers voluntarily or involuntarily maim and even kill their children — born and unborn. Surprised? And yet, it's true. Smoking mothers 'endows' their daughters and sons of lung cancer and other "gifts" associated with passive smoking. A pregnant woman harm their unborn child, who does not even have to choose — in fact he "smokes" with her mother.

There are other reasons that a woman should always remember, if it is, of course, care about the health and lives of their children, as has emerged into the light, and future.


1. First of all, smokers are reduced reproductive capacity, that is actually conceiving becomes quite problematic. Women have hampered the movement of the egg on the fallopian tubes, plus the depressing effect of the hormones produced during pregnancy. In men, sperm become less mobile, changing their shape, which often makes it impossible to penetrate the egg. This does not mean that smoking smoking can be considered as a method of contraception.

2. Baby, born to parents who smoke, are foredoomed to a variety of problems in the reproductive system.

3. In many cases, smoking — One of the main causes of impotence, because smokers greatly impeded blood flow to the penis.

4. We kurivshey during a woman's pregnancy baby born already addicted to nicotine, the expectant mother divides each cigarette with a child of his, the active substances contained in tobacco smoke freely cross the placenta. And the child is much more likely to become a smoker, and at a very young age.

5. Sometimes (fortunately quite rare) from smoking directly affected the placenta, leading to miscarriage or fetal death.

6. Smoking mothers often give birth to premature babies, and those who were born in time is often significantly reduced weight (wasting).

7. Children of mothers who smoked during pregnancy are often born with different pathologies and developmental defects. For example, the common liver hypoplasia, which considerably complicates the future life of the child.

8. Very often these children at birth violated lung function.

9. Children of mothers who smoke twice as much at risk of becoming a victim of sudden infant death syndrome than babies smoking.

10. Children of women who smoked 15-20 cigarettes a day (even during pregnancy they refrain from smoking), get sick more often.

Any of the ten points listed above — a good reason to quit smoke. Especially if you are pregnant. Think about whether you want all of this to your unborn child? After all, he had no choice. And you — there. Do it. Give your child a chance to be born and grow up healthy.

Drop it smoke. Today. Now.

According to the materials Clinic AlkoMed

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