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Knowledge about the dangers of smoking are generally limited to hackneyed phrase that the drop of nicotine can kill a horse, and fears of dying from cancer. In fact, it is difficult to find at least one system of the body, which does not suffer from smoking tobacco: it's respiratory, and cardiovascular and digestive, and nervous. Because of such adverse effects on complex organism nicotine can rightly be called a universal killer.

But harm to their health, smokers are a danger to others. And most often the victims of their addiction are the closest people — that they have to breathe in "smoke-filled" air, ie become passive smokers. A woman smoking during pregnancy causes harm the health of their unborn child by exposing him to hypoxia and the impact of all the toxic components of tobacco smoke, which can easily penetrate through the placenta.

Despite the fact that nicotinedoes not cause severe euphoriadependence from him is extremely strong and is comparable to that in the use of heroin and cocaine. And at the use of tobacco products is developed as a psychological and physical dependence. After a few weeks of starting to smoke, most people notice that a cigarette is almost a prerequisite for the maintenance of good health. In the event of termination of intake of nicotine in smokers develop the phenomenon of withdrawal (physical and mental disorders), or facilitate the recorded after taking another "dose". So quit smoking turns out, not everyone.

Unfortunately, harm smoking health began to explore a little more than half a century ago, when the score was already smokers billions. Therefore, the problem of nicotine addiction has long ceased to be a private nuisance, smoking and gained social scale. And today we are in a position to counter the burgeoning between health and manufacturers of tobacco products.

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