Snow apocalypse in Kiev

March 23, 2013. Now in Kiev there is no man who would not speak on the anomalous snow in late March. According to its own sense of snow fell as much as not excluded in the winter. Long traffic jams, crowded subway, that's what was in people in the capital of Ukraine on Friday, March 22.

People in cars have become hostage to the elements. From different points of Kiev, and not only were numerous signals for help. Today snow stopped, but the traffic on the roads is complicated. People, instead of the usual walk on the sidewalk roadway, because their way along the sidewalks became difficult. Stuck trams, trolleys, buses, taxis, trains. Some airlines due to weather conditions cancel flights.

As of 11:27 Saturday in Kiev, the level of congestion is 6 points out of 10. In this case, according to information "Yandex".

At the same time, according to the press service of the Kyiv State Service for Control of Emergency Situations, as of 8:30 am Saturday in Kiev there was and still continues to complications of vehicular traffic.

Now removed from the congestion of large machinery 270 units, 540 units of passenger vehicles, 83 buses and 15 trolleybuses. 5 APCs involved the Ministry of Defence (Presidential Regiment), 253 pieces of equipment and 400 workers Kyivavtodor.

We offer you a selection of quotes from social networks Kiev residents about life and survival in the abnormal weather mustache.

All I see out the window, like a nuclear winter and the film The Day After Tomorrow. People walk along the road, each car has to push. Snow flying parallel to the ground. Emergency calls to answer, let Kyivautodor cleans the road, then we'll come and save everyone. but what about my friends who are stuck with a night on the highway Gostomelsky?? Who has a tank? Let's go save them!

NEED HELP!!! 47 children are stuck in traffic! On the ring road in the direction of the Odessa area, 3.5 km from Victory Avenue (near st.m.Akademgorodok) in traffic is 7:00 (!) Is a bus Setra with 47th Child (2,3,4 th grades) in the cabin. MOE has three times refused to help because of lack of equipment. Respond to all who will be able to deliver them water and some food!

After an hour or so the same user FB: Tears interfere speak … and write! Many thanks to everyone who responded to the call for help. Children, fortunately, already fed and watered. Who is doing everything possible to pull them out of the tube! And I'm really sorry that I can not say thank you for it … MOE I sincerely admire those who want to say THANK YOU today!

Yesterday at 20:30 I left the office at Frunze, I came home almost 12 hours, but usually road takes 20-30 minutes. I'm not angry, disgusted and not disappointed. I break the template. The fact that I saw last night was not possible to imagine. Only in the movies. The apocalypse. A lot of snow. Lots and lots of snow. Lots of cars. Hundreds of thousands of people eager to get home. Paralyzed. In blockade. Not a snow plow, traffic control, or MOE. No one. You have to drive — go out and push the trolley stuck. You're tired of crying it someone else's child — Come out and relax, because his mother is no longer the limit. Shared gasoline shovel, a good word. Trust only on themselves. Only for themselves. Just only on themselves. Let there always will be charged to you phone, full tank of petrol and galetnoe cookies in the trunk. I've always lived in this city. I drive a long time in this city. I love this city. Winter here every year. I've never seen what I saw last night.

Stuck on the bridge at Dehtiarivska. Residents of the neighboring houses are hot tea. Not so bad

Five hours to get in a car with a hem and center in any way! Reached on foot.

7 Godin s of gold vorіt to Obolonі. Til'ky Bazhanov hilnuti ekstrіmu mozhna sogodnі poyasniti Taku durіst. In mіstі Armagedets. During the whole winter in nashіy bogospasaєmіy stolitsі stіlki snіgu not vipadalo i such kolapsu not buva.

Three hours can not call a taxi. save me, take me!

She looked out the window, crossed out all the plans, checked the stock of ravioli in the freezer. Planning a hiking expedition for food.

My father told me that in his yard tractor arrived to clear the snow and got stuck. When the tractor pulled out of a snowdrift, he left. Here's a special equipment for Ukrainian Ukrainian spring.

Girlfriend all night stood at the entrance to the Moscow bridge. And not reached. On the result — still stands. City-fairy tale, a dream city …

I'm still on the station three hours before Instytutska went … And the city is in full # operator. All machines are deaf … Well, just barely off-road riding.

Today, you can forget about taxis.

On the route Sumy-Kiev in Chernihiv region today, 23/03/2013, stuck a large number of cars. People stand at 5:00 on the track in the middle of the field. No one cleans the road and no action is taken. As long as there is fuel, people warm themselves, but what to do — just do not know.

I have a house stuck in the snow two snow-tractor.

Today, no matter what, it was possible to observe a few times and solidarity and humanity. Still — common difficulties unite.

The way the sky! Snіg Garnier, ale skіlki you can!

When will the video pokatushek in the middle or the Samoyed husky sledding?

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: On the forest roads kiev no one cleans. Public transportation MISSING — buses and trolley buses (routes 37, 37a, 33, 81, 79) is not in principle and in the morning, none have passed. Minibuses identity do not go. From hospital emergency room soon pushed through the snow as pedestrians ambulances can not even go into the street …

Instead of exiting out of the house — a snowdrift. Parked cars in the yard is not visible, all under the snow. No one … nothing … Janitors probably sleeping under the snow. As snow removal equipment. Surprised that there is light, hot water and internet. But do not think for a long time. In the spring of you, my friends.

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