Snow storm hit Canada

February 19, 2013. The storm that hit the eastern part of Canada the night before, not only drowned the trawler 'Miss Ellie', but also brought the issue to the mainland. Because of the strong wind gusts that reached in some places 170 kilometers per hour, more than 14,000 homes were left without electricity Canadians. On the east coast of Canada because of the snowstorm was canceled classes in schools. Mode of ground and air transport has also changed. Because of the snow drifts, many highways were temporarily perektryty, and two airports in the country (Halifax, St. John's) flights have been canceled.

According to weather forecasts, the weather conditions will improve until the middle of the week.

Source: News Gismeteo

Trawler "Miss Ellie" sank in the Atlantic Ocean

February 19, 2013.Fishing Trawler "Miss Ellie" in time severe storm, unable to withstand extreme weather conditions that turned the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

As reported by the media, the crew of the vessel in time hurricane, in time which wave height of up to ten meters, had to move in zero visibility. According to Lieutenant Canadian Forces Navy in the Atlantic Ocean by Peter Ryan, quest, despite the poor visibility, provided by two Canadian Coast Guard vessel. In addition, a search operation connected planes and helicopters Canadian Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard. There is information that rescuers found the helicopter flares flash, and then the lifeboat. But bad weather conditions do not allow to go down to the water, so the exact location of possible survivors is not yet known. On board the 14-meter vessel "Miss Ellie" had five sailors.

Source: News Gismeteo

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