SOHO in pursuit of a UFO




Withour solar telescope SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) went into space eight years ago, on December 2, 1995. The project was carried out jointly by the European Space Agency and NASA. The telescope is in the first Lagrange point (the point of equal attraction) between the Earth and the Sun at a distance of 1.5 million kilometers from Earth and continuously monitors for our luminary. He photographs flares, ejections from the surface and flying in the vicinity of the sun of the comet. The latter is important because in addition to comets and other celestial bodies natural SOHO is able to capture all fall into the field of view of its cameras and camcorders objects.

A year ago (January 2003) on the screens of the National Space Centre in Leicester images similar to the following flashed dozens. The signals from the satellite intercept and decrypt ufologists-lovers. The debate about the origin of the sealed chambers SOHO objects do not cease to this day. NASA has done everything in its power to explain the emergence of sensational shots "estestvennoprirodnymi" reasons — small meteorites, cosmic dust on the lens, the residual plasma of the Sun, the errors in the transmission of data to Earth and mistakes in the course of their treatment — in short, all the "gentlemen" a set of excuses , which is used in such situations. How bitter joke vainly trying to get the trust of the American space officials, scientists, "… as an explanatory factor is not only involved seashells."

NASA is stored on the servers of many interesting photographic images taken at different times by different spacecraft. In the coming days, AURA [z] begins publishing exclusively processed photographs Martian surface, which have been transferred from the probes "Spirit" and "Opportunity".
How many man-made debris has accumulated in the ancient world!












In photos:
Solar telescope SOHO.
Mysterious objects in outer space. Different background color in the photos due to the use of different filters when shooting. The solar disk is plugged.

Dmitry Kuznetsov

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