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20.01.12.Vchera about 8:00 pm Moscow time on the Sun was recorded one of the largest mass ejections in the past few years. The event occurred on the side of the Sun facing the Earth, had a wide beam pattern (almost 180 degrees), so that part of its strike force, is likely to have on our planet.

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Explosive processes in the solar atmosphere began about 17:30 Moscow time. At about 20:00 X-ray flux from this region peaked — around this time, apparently, there was a separation of matter from the Sun. Then, for about 3 hours of motion of the plasma cloud tracked space coronagraph, which allowed him to accurately determine the speed and direction.

As of mid-January 20th release already disappeared from space and ground-based instruments that monitor the Sun. To cover the distance of 150 million km. Separating the Earth from the Sun, it will now require 2 to 2.5 days. His first exposure should feel spacecraft are at the greatest distance from the Earth, mostly in Lagrange point L1, including the Sun-Earth research satellites SOHO and ACE (Europe, USA). After about half an hour after their messages plasma cloud reaches Earth.

Plasma emissions — the most powerful manifestation of solar activity, when in a series of explosive processes atmosphere of the sun throws into interplanetary space huge clouds of hot plasma with a temperature of about a million degrees. The typical mass of the ejected plasma are tens of billions of tons of speed in interplanetary space up to 1000 km / sec, and the size of the plasma cloud at the time of their separation from the Sun reach up to a million miles, and at the time of encounter with the Earth increases to 10-100 million km.

The main impact of emissions from the plasma to the body in the solar system is the radiation. Most prone to it the planets and moons with no atmosphere, which acts as a shield — such as Mercury and the Moon. For such bodies hit the solar plasma have directly on the surface and on all embedded objects.

Due to the fact that the Earth is protected by the atmosphere and magnetic field, radiation effects on the biosphere and equipment locked at altitudes of 100 km, so the most important role played by impact. The main impact falls on the Earth's magnetosphere, which dramatically removed from equilibrium, and on a global scale.

This kind of impact is seen on the surface of the magnetic storm. Same impact on the atmosphere is mainly at high latitudes. Here the atmosphere near the poles penetrate streams of charged solar particles that cause it glow and lead to one of the most beautiful natural phenomena — of the aurora.

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