Solar flares class X 1.1. Video


5.03.12.Ploschad sunspot activity is almost four times the size of the disk of the Earth. Of greatest interest is a new group of sunspots in 1429, which has a complex magnetic configuration of the "beta-gamma" and had enormous energy.

From the first hours of its appearance on the visible part of the Sun (March 2) observatory fixed M-class event that triggered a wave of ionization in Earth's atmosphere. In view of these facts in the NASA increased the likelihood of M-class flares and 60%, X-class — up to 15%. The confirmation of this prediction was an explosion of X1-class, recorded the morning of 5 March 04:13 UTC. Currently vibrant energy of the group of spots in 1429 is on the eastern hemisphere of the Sun, but as it will soon be in front of the rotation of the Earth. Experts point out that the situation in the Sun is developing dynamically and anticipate many interesting events, including those directed toward Earth powerful bursts of energy, severe storms and beautiful aurora.

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