Solo on the body of the rocket tubes. Continued part 4

And the agreement between the NGO "Antey" and the Greek government to supply air defense systems "Tor-M1" is the first in the history of Russia, which was concluded directly creator of weapons and foreign user without any intermediaries. He brought the country $ 650 million, and then other contracts between Greece and Russia in the field of defense.
Today, Greece — NATO is the only state that has the entire system of air defense and the armed forces — from the smallest range of the "Arrows" and "Needles" neighbor "Oka-10M" and "Tor-M1" system to medium-range S-300PMU1 almost only consists of the most reliable — Russian systems and missile defense. And when the Americans convince its partners in the North Atlantic Alliance, that the air defense system in the European theater (theater) can only consist of complexes, which develops firm "Reytion" Athens with the Russian air defense systems — a very strong argument to counter the monopoly of overseas on the Old Continent.

Who calls the shots

It's no secret that the division "Anthea" is now in the back yard batch plant. Native Ministry of Defence can not yet buy it. It is not the first year should NGOs lot of money, and when to repay the debt, no one knows. And without money today and the bird does not sing.
However, Efremov was not discouraged.
Business at his firm now much better than could have been imagined only yesterday. Greece received from Germany a few battalions of air defense missile systems "Wasp" — but "Anthea" modernize and repair them to no one. They did it. A couple of regiments of anti-aircraft missile system, the Army "Tor-M1" buy China — again "Antaeus" earnings. Then a few battalions of "Tor-M1" in addition to the first they have once again bought the Greeks had paid good money to go not only "Antaeus", but also the manufacturer of these complexes Izhevsk company "the Dome." But it is not only "green".
We now have one of the states — members of the alliance all the air defense system based on Russian military equipment. And it is not only dollars, but without them, alas, did not survive — is the credibility of our defense industry, the prestige of Russian military equipment. You'll see, the Greeks pulled and other countries while focused mainly on overseas partners. For example, the French have a problem with anti-security Mediterranean coast (potential threats from Libya, Algeria and other North African countries) — the advice to go Ephraim. What's wrong? Maybe the European theater missile defense system will not do without it.
We stood at the Ephraim world map that hangs in the office of Chief Designer Vereiskaya on a Moscow street. Here in India, — to protect themselves from neighboring missiles it can only help, "Anthea". Here Israel — his hopes for "Patriot" PAC-3 are not justified. Where to look for a reliable partner — is not excluded that in Moscow. Now this is not a problem.
And if you look at South Korea? From the north it has two rocket power. And, despite the fact that the Americans insisted Seoul impose its PAC-3, not the fact that the Koreans would agree to such a "friendly dictate." There already have our T-80 tanks, BMP-3, in Seoul happy with Russian equipment. It is said in the "Rosoboronexport" has repeatedly visited by representatives of the South Korean army, were negotiating. However, Ephraim they were not invited.
There is a suspicion that some of the officials once again actively discouraged "Antaeus", and maybe it is too early to call the general designer, the situation is not yet ripe, the arms trade — a delicate matter. One way or not, but Efremov not worried. He believed that his "2500th" is many times better than any other similar system of the world, and the smart buyer still chooses what he likes. What is more convenient for the money, and the tasks that it should be addressed.
And that to ensure a reliable weapon for the Russian army, and here special problems Chief Designer "Antey-2500" did not see. His anti-missile system in theater — a very large potential reserves. "Last pants" Russia did not sell, do not sell and will not sell. To say there is not about shouting patriots.
Recently, his firm has teamed up with his "eternal rival" CDB "Diamond", has created a unified air defense missile holding company, which will include all subcontracting. Including manufacturers missiles for "Anteia" and for "diamond". It will be possible to create a new weapon on the same integrated circuit, which dramatically reduce the cost of it, and, on the other hand, will increase the combat performance characteristics. That would be great, says chief designer, a very encouraging prospect. Yefremov was sure solo on the best and unique body of missile tubes will play Russian officers. True, you do want to have this terrible music was only in the vast training grounds, and on other days its missile systems reliably protected the peaceful skies of Russia and its capital city.
PS On September 16, Benjamin P. was gone. Left his work, left design ideas, which he generously shared with his students and colleagues. This means that the cause to which he gave his life in safe hands.

Creator of the heavenly armor

"Red Star", Moscow, 22.03.2001

Author: Ivan Ivanyuk

Devotees are necessary, as the sun. Their personalities — these are living documents showing the public that except for the people conducting the dispute about optimism and pessimism, writing the story of boredom unimportant, unnecessary projects and cheap thesis, adultery and lying about for a piece of bread: there are more people of a different order, people exploit, faith clear and conscious purpose. Anton Chekhov.
Today marks 75 years of Ephraim, Benjamin P., a prominent scientist and a wonderful person. And people like him in our country is very small, although the Russian super-rich talents. Its now very few people know, though his name has recently begun to appear in the press.
Benjamin P. worked all his life in the military-industrial complex, of which 18 years — the general designer. It takes years to the society realized the scale of his personality, as it was with Tsiolkovsky, Kurchatov, Korolev, our other outstanding scientists.
When nearly half a century ago, in 1954, a 28-year-old deputy chief engineer of the NII-20 Veniamin Yefremov was appointed head of a promising development work, no one thought that this work is well advanced and will replace conventional artillery on missile and its Head will be one of the ideologists of the new class of weapons — anti-aircraft missile systems for air defense of ground troops.
Military threats from the air, along with the creation of any aircraft. And during the Second World War, after the Germans had fired cruise missiles guided London V-1, there was a problem of missile defense. Her decision to take a long, hard work of many people. In February 1942, by the decision of the State Defense Committee was established factory N465 with design offices and research laboratories. Subsequently, at its base was formed Institute of N20, now known as the Scientific Research Institute of Electro (NIEMI).
Radio personnel find it very difficult, in a deserted Moscow, they managed to score fifty people. Radio Engineering Center of the war was to Leningrad. Since the beginning of the war, many engineers, scientists were evacuated from the city. Remaining in the majority of deaths from starvation. In the besieged city flew the Deputy Commissar of electrical engineering VOSKANYAN, previously headed the Leningrad factory "Svetlana", and began looking for specialists. They were taken to Moscow and collection points blockade were fed, treated for malnutrition — most people are so weak that could not walk independently.
The institute was given the task to create a fundamentally new and effective means of defense that can reliably protect the capital from the air. The Red Army entered the war with a very limited number of anti-aircraft guns, especially small-bore. It was necessary not only to increase their production, "on the go" to upgrade, but in parallel to improve reconnaissance and aerial targets of antiaircraft fire. And thanks to the efforts of the team for the first time in the domestic industry were created and used to protect against air attack on Moscow radar gun leads. They allowed a few times to increase the effectiveness of the fight with enemy aircraft compared with the barrage. In parallel, the institute was being developed instrument control anti-aircraft artillery fire.
When, after graduating from college in 1945, Efremov came in NII-20, there has already developed a strong, capable team. Even two years before that, after the establishment of the Council on the radar for T-bills, headed by Malenkov, to replace the word "radiodetection" came the term "radar". The discovery of new scientific-research institutes, new developments began to unfold. But life has advanced more and more complex tasks.


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