Solo on the body of the rocket tubes. Continued Part 2

A mystery to the Patriot

Externally "Antey-2500" is very similar to the C-300B, which is sometimes called the "Russian Patriot." The same "self-propelled" — tracked chassis in all six machines that are included in the package. The same as if the body in the Christian cathedral, pipes containers launchers with missiles "Giant" and "Gladiator."
Rockets, as before, developed at the Yekaterinburg KB "Innovator". But now they are, of course, is much more powerful and effective than ever before. Although it could fit in the "old" weight dimensions. The same system and the command post. But naturally, the other rolls. Virtually indistinguishable radar circular and sector review, as well as missile guidance station. However, very attentive specialist may find that the web is a multi-channel station antenna pointing missiles "Anthea" a lot more than his prototype, and there is no start-up "Giant" with the station lighting purpose.
The very "light" side for the starter "Gladiator" and "Giant" and can fire with transport and loading vehicle …
But most importantly — in the other. Now the "Antaeus" shoots much further than its predecessor. Today, it is the world's only defense system that can shoot down, except aircraft and helicopters (including aerial reconnaissance and command posts such as "AWACS" aircraft, and — "invisible" like "Stealth"), non-strategic ballistic tactical and operational missiles at ranges of up to 200 kilometers and at an altitude of 30 kilometers (C-300B "get" them only for 100 and 25 km). And, moreover, in its zone lesions include ballistic missile launch range which is 2,500 kilometers (hence the name "Antej-2500"), and the speed — 4,500 meters per second.
These are missiles like the Chinese, "Dunphy-3", "Dunphy-15", "Dunphy-25," American "Atakms" and the French "Ades" Iraqi "Scud-C" Israeli "Jericho-2" and the American "Pershing", which, like our outdated "Scud", still stands on the arms of many armies of the world …
P-300B "took" such missiles flying distance of only 1,000 km and at 3000 m / sec. Well, widely publicized during the Gulf War, "Patriot" PAC-2 did not even reach these indicators (maximum range of defeat in his only 40 km, maximum height — 24 km). Upgraded PAC-3, according to calculations by "Reytion" by 2005, came to the lines of 150 km and 25 km. A maximum range of the targeted launch their missiles reached 1,000 kilometers.
But the most important thing more. It is not known whether American designers will be able to overcome the main drawback of "Patriot" — it is not a munition strikes the head of the opposing missiles, and usually only the case or boosters. So often attacking warheads still reaches the target (during the first Gulf War because it was happened in 90 percent of the 65 start-ups "Scud." During the second war with Iraq, as we all remember, he missed a rocket, flying the "wrong the direction from which they had anticipated. "In particular, the sea).
There he and the other "flaw" — missiles "Patriot" fired at an angle to the horizon and can not turn on the target, if it goes the opposite side. Therefore, to close the loop, should be at least four such missile launchers. "Antaeus" enough alone. His rocket straight up and start already at a height of 60-100 meters, "leaning" toward the goal.
In addition, and perhaps most importantly — "Antey-2500", as well as S-300B, is hitting exactly at the head of any missile. Always with a perfect result. He has a unique directional warhead, which is not found in any similar system. And, in addition, it can simultaneously bombard 16 ballistic missiles, even with a reflective surface such as invisible "Stealth." This, too, can do no such system.

You can buy the mystery, is not easy to unravel

How did the country of Ephraim, to make such a system, and even on American money?
The question, of course, is very interesting.
It is clear that the money from the NGOs of "Antey", like working with him the Ministry of Defense of Russia, was not long enough. Not for the timely payment of wages to workers, let alone the creation of new weapons. And what to do with the scientific and technical ideas? They have been known to strangle the impossible. And the needs of the twenty-first century, the Russian army was understood at the firm, demand from military designers can not live only for today, but also to look far ahead from the current level of development of military equipment. Anticipate that "the time is closed." And is this in their native homeland financial or not, no one, in principle, do not care.
The time will come, and you will ask: why do they have it, but we do not have? Justified, that there was no money, pointless and unseemly for serious people. No one is stopping you from their search and find. Although out of the ground. Efremov found.
He offered the mother ministry of defense, state-owned "Rosvooruzheniye" (then called "ROE") and the Government of Russia to sell Americans their anti-aircraft missile system S-300V, beyond which for many years unsuccessfully chasing CIA and without a thorough study of which the American company "Reytion" , modernizing air defense system "Patriot" will never achieve the goals it has set for its developers Pentagon.
That said Ephraim, on the proposal to the high generals' offices, explain, I think, do not. Characteristic gesture with his finger to his temple was in this situation, the most harmless reaction.
Our "master of deception" in those days was carried out a special operation — "vtyuhivali" Americans through Belarus with great pomp and scandal raised in the press about the "secret sale Minsk secrets of Moscow", a very old set of air defense S-300PMU that created by a competing then with the "Antaeus" company NPO "Almaz" under the leadership of Boris Bunkina.
S-300PMU could only shoot at the planes. And that Belarusians do not sell the entire complex, but several polurazgrablennyh cabs imported from the landfill Emba, where they were at that time strong "job" Kazakh herders who tried to profit base and precious metals. They profited there for the glory, but the uproar in the press, this fact passed over in silence.
Four divisions of a more modern version of the system S-300PMU1 China bought from Russia. There was hope that the contract will be continued. Beijing started to roll out the defense of their country. Professionals, it was clear that he will need more than a dozen S-300PMU1. This new financial injections into the defense industry. And not only in industry. A contract with the Americans on the C-300B could push such a long term.
At once there is not a simple question: why the Pentagon buys one system, and the People's Liberation Army of another? Really in the Middle Kingdom were deceived? These issues were apparent. Moreover, the C-300B hedging and missile defense in Moscow, said Ephraim generals. We can not risk her secrets. Provide them to study now and let the enemy, but does not inspire total confidence, the so-called "arch-partner", is impossible.
Designer General argued that the control algorithm missiles S-300B nobody unravel and for ten years. During this time we will have another, more powerful and efficient. That no export sales of its complex here, in the end, not only will there be a new anti-missile weapons, but perish the only company that makes it — NGO "Antey", and with it the Yekaterinburg KB "Innovator", serial plants allied …
Big bosses shrug:
— What to do? Our old Soviet defense industry is extremely over-capacity. Survive what will survive. The rest can and should die. It's now or over time.
Ephraim had no time for such expectations. And he decided on an unusual thing to do. For example, in a real blackmail.


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