SOS: research station North Pole-32 goes to the bottom




Drifting research station "North Pole-32" in distress. Its chief Vladimir Koshil radioed to Arctic Border Regional Authority that the ice floe on which the station is split. The main areas are covered by water. 12 people who were there, alive. Polar ask the guards emergency.

The station began to fall apart if not today, or even yesterday. Recall that on January 18 this year, from the base of the Arctic ice station "North Pole-32" split 1.5-kilometer portion on which the airstrip for commercial aircraft. According to "Interfax" in the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (St. Petersburg), this was due to warming in the area of finding the station. According to the station, Vladimir Koshelev, splitting off of the ice did not affect the livelihoods of "North Pole-32". None of the 12 polar hurt.

At present, the polar camp and has broken away from his airfield>

shares the polynya width of about 300 meters, which is delayed by ice. The institute was reminded that the work of Russian drifting station was discontinued in July 1991, when, having got into the warm waters, almost broke the ice floe on which the 31st polar expedition.

The station "North Pole-32" was formed in the spring of 2003 at the initiative of the St. Petersburg NII. It is located about 150 km from the North Pole, in the coordinates 85 degrees north latitude and 157 degrees east longitude. The thickness of the ice, chosen for the base camp is about 4-5 meters.

The first Soviet research station "North Pole-1" (SP-1), the drift of which marked the beginning of systematic study of the nature of the most remote part of the north polar region of the Earth, was organized in 1937. Then, on March 22 in Moscow launched high-latitude air expedition, whose main objective was the landing on the floating ice of the North Pole research station, the chief of which was Ivan Papanin.

According to Russian media materials

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