Soup of Sasquatch


There are several cases in which the civil and the Great Patriotic War, the military have been killed or captured by the strange hairy "people."

In July of 1925 in the mountains of Tajikistan Red Army detachment under the command of Mikhail Stepanovich Topilski pursued gang Basmachi. Trying to break away from the Red Army, the gang went deeper into the remote mountain region. On the 18th day of the chase, when the squad Topilski stopped for the night, time noticed on the other side of the wide glacier cracked three people.

The commander was seen in binoculars suspicious trio. Great was his surprise when he saw no basmachi not the shepherds, and most of these wild people. It was a family — a high and a large male, female and cub. One of the men offered to scare "Hairy" from a machine gun, but Topilski forbidden to shoot. Meanwhile, the male apparently smelled or heard people shouting something unintelligible, he and the family quickly disappeared into the rocks.

A few days later a detachment came into contact with the enemy: bandits ambush opened fire. However, the power was on the side of the Red Army, the remnants of the gang fled to a cave that was blocked by people Topilski. Basmachi offered to surrender, they had to give an answer within the hour. Suddenly, shots rang out in a cave, and almost immediately collapsed from fire ice cap, hanging over the entrance. Only one wounded Basmach escaped.

The prisoner said that when there was a discussion about the ultimatum from the far side of the cave there were terrible hairy creature. Between the robber bands and snow people who lived in a cave, a fierce battle was boiling, it's the interrupted collapse.

"In order to find the leader of the gang with the documents, the Red Army began to dismantle the dam and came upon the corpse of a hairy creature. Fortunately for researchers of Bigfoot, MS Topilski detail described it:" At first glance it seemed to me that the body of a monkey in front of me: it was feathered. But at the same time the corpse was like a person. We have repeatedly turned the corpse on the stomach and on the back, was measured. Careful examination of the corpse, produced by our lekpomom excluded the assumption that it was a man. creature was male, 165 — 170 centimeters. Generally the color of his hair was grayish-brown fur is very thick, but without undercoat.

Least of all hair — on the buttocks, from which medic concluded that the creature sits like a man. Most of the hair on the hips. On lap hair absolutely no noticeable calloused education. The entire foot and sole completely bald, covered with rough brown skin. Shoulders and arms are covered with hair so that their density is reduced to the brush, and brush on the back of the hair is still there, and the palm completely absent

Killed was lying with his eyes open and teeth bared. Eye color is dark. The teeth are very large, flat, without much protruding fangs. Above the eyes are very powerful projections — brow. Very prominent cheekbones. The nose is flat, with a deeply depressed nasal bridge. Ears hairless seems more pointed upward than humans. The lower jaw is very massive. Killed had a powerful chest, heavily muscled. The structure of the body, we have not noticed deviations from the man. "

Very strange "Japanese spies"

Even before World War II in 1939 was a military conflict in Khalkhin Goal. Soviet troops together with Mongolian defeated the Japanese invaded the territory of Mongolia. At the time of the commission to study the question of the existence of Bigfoot professor at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Boris Fedorov wrote the story of an employee of the Moscow Electromechanical Plant Kolpashnikova, who fought on the Halkin-Gol in Mongolia.

"I served as Chief of the Special Department of the 8th separate motorized brigade of the Red Banner. One day they called me and said that during the night, killing two Japanese spy. Drove to the scene and saw two dead bodies there. They were like apes. Body uniformly brown wool blankets. His hands were disproportionately long.

Local reported that when he saw two figures on the crest of the dune, ordered to stop and fired a warning shot. "Scouts" began to run, and then the soldier opened fire on them. Of course, I knew that in the territory of Mongolia monkeys are not found. Approached old Mongol has expressed surprise and said: "These are wild people who live in the mountains. It is not known why they came here … "

By the way, in the archives of the Commission to study the question of Bigfoot there is evidence that in 1937 the Soviet Marshal Rybalko with my own eyes I saw a wild humanoid creature in the Lake Lop Nor. Chinese officer told him that the cavalry caught "wild man" and keep it in the train. Paul S. decided to look at an unusual prisoner. Hairy humanlike creature lay tied to a cart. Alas, this relic hominid encounter with the military proved fatal for him: after eight days' wild man died near the town of Kurlya could not stand the road.

This soup officers did not eat

As a journalist to me a few years ago fell into the hands of a very interesting letter from MV Mitrofanov, then publish it did not work, but understanding the importance of the information contained in it, I kept it, and now you can get acquainted with it.

"In the school where I studied, there was a museum of military glory. Our frequent guests were veterans. And so it was that one of them, I soon found a neighbor. It was a retired colonel who graduated from the tank school in 1936, then took part in the armed conflict in the Halkin-Gol, and since 1942 — the Great Patriotic War, the war ended in 1945, the deputy commander of a tank regiment.

He loved to talk, to remember his combat youth, and I loved to listen to his unhurried, even lulling, but at the same time incredibly interesting stories. And our conversation continued for many years, until his death. One of his short stories I want to utter. I do not know in what form it is better to clothe, but I'll try in the third person.

In the spring of 1940, when the fighting has died down in the Halkin-Gol, our troops were in the territory of the Mongolian People's Republic, and my neighbor was, if I'm not mistaken, the head of mobile tank repair workshop.

One hour notice of a stranger near the location of the unit (it's in the desert, where settlements had 100 miles on the circle) and began to pursue him. He tried to escape. The soldiers opened fire and wounded an "unknown". Imagine their surprise when, in the bushes between the hills, they found a huge monkey! The animal was wounded, bleeding, dragged him into the piece. (The bulk of the soldiers were peasants, so the monkey they have never seen.)

The commander of the same, too, apparently, did not shine general education and reasoned as follows: "We are in Asia, overseas! And in Asia, abroad, just live monkeys. I myself have read in books. " Therefore the appearance of the giant ape in the Mongolian steppe, no one has caused bewilderment.

My neighbor just did Muscovite, a technical education, in short, quite an intelligent man, understood that in Mongolia, and there can not be any monkeys, and even more humanoid. In addition, he grew up in Red Presnya his childhood (he says) held at the zoo, where the boys climbed over the fence. And the monkeys, of course, has seen a lot.

In a word, he knew it was not a monkey, and not like it, that thing is, the usual monkey. But … literate person is often very difficult to prove anything illiterate.

A neighbor tried to say something, but realized that it was the "voice of one crying in the wilderness." It remained a creature of all the monkey. After a short time it died, probably from blood loss.

The most interesting was on. Supply of troops was difficult. That is, the products were good, but bring them in off-road conditions were very difficult, as a neighbor said: waterless steppe for hundreds of miles — it's worse than the swamp. On the fresh meat of the question did not exist. And the commander of the unit ordered killed "monkey" send … to the boiler.

Officially, it seems to be buried, and actually skinned and fat on soup. The dining room is a dish was listed as a "soup with meat horse" … and gone! And were eaten alive! Such is the incredible story!

Of course, I asked a neighbor of Colonel detail to describe this creature. That's what he was able to remember: a huge, taller than the tallest man, it seems, is very strong, shaggy, matted hair, brown. And most importantly, the features that the narrator is not able to articulate precisely.

This creature was very similar to humans. Monkey — she is a monkey, an animal that can not be confused with the man ever. Moaned it somehow human. Has stirred legs — very similar to human gestures. And his eyes! Look — shiver, seem to be as meaningful, and look at them terribly, but why is terrible, the narrator could not explain. Any attempts to "talk" with people, as I understand the story, the creature did.

Colonel-neighbor finished his story as follows: "All the same, in any case, it was not a man, not even the wild, it was an animal."

Yeah, I missed that the creature was a male, but with the sexual organs are much smaller than might have been expected, based on the general dimensions of the body.

Do not believe the colonel I did not have any basis.

Maybe someone this story may seem unbelievable, but I believe her. In life sometimes occur before the fantastic things that this case against the background looks more real than real.

By the way, somewhere in the beginning of the new millennium, in one of the weekly magazines I came across an interesting little article on the eyes. "Farmer ate Bigfoot" — a title of the article, of course, could not attract my attention. It was reported that Willie handover, a farmer from Idaho, returning home in his pickup truck, shot down on the road for a large animal. Considering it for a bear, he brought the carcass home (what good to disappear!), Butchered it and scored his meat refrigerator. Although in appearance seemed to bear a strange Willie, he did not fool my head, and all the little family farm a couple of weeks overate "bear meat", lamenting only some harshly meat.

Skin handover took it to the tanning studio, there's something to him and said that she could not bear to belong to host a workshop … insisted on the transfer of skin with a local university. Scientists who examined her, said that such an animal science does not know. "The skin could easily belong to a snow man!" — Experts said …

Here is the story, in my opinion, it may be fiction. Although U.S. farmers only in the movies are very smart, beautiful, sexy and bullet-proof, in the life of so many of them the very limited guys are human and ape confused with the bear … The only question in the skin, if it fell to the scientists, this is a weighty proof of the existence Bigfoot had to write and speak as much about the famous Patterson film of Bigfoot. Since it does not, then most likely, we are dealing with an ordinary newspaper duck.

They shot just in case …

On the following stories do not just write, but, so to speak, for full disclosure of topics and focus on it. It happened in Dagestan in 1941. The patrol group that delayed all suspicious persons (looking for deserters, saboteurs and spies), caught near the forest strange hairy man with no clothes on, which was carrying a head of cabbage under his arm. The detainees were taken to the village. The military had a suspicion that the hide on it attached or adhered to hide … A doctor was called, that he gave his opinion. Examine detainees colonel of medical service VS Karapetyan. Here is what he recalled:

"The only thing I could say about the creature that stood before me, is that it was a male with no clothes and no shoes. And this is without a doubt was a man because all its appearance this creature was like a man. However, his chest, back and shoulders were covered with matted hair dark brown. The coat on the body of the creature was like a bear's fur, its length is 2 to 3 cm below the chest hair of the creature was less and softer. Wrists were dirty and covered with hair. On hands and toes hair was not. "

"This man was standing perfectly straight, his hands hanging loosely at your sides. His height was above average and was about 180 cm He stood before me like a giant, his chest came forward. His fingers were thick and strong and seemed very large. In general, he seemed much larger than any of the local residents. "

Karapetyan has drawn the conclusion that the detainee is a "wild man of unknown type" and suspect that it spy or saboteur no reason. After that Vazgen S. returned to his part. In his opinion, the detainee is likely transferred to the military counterintelligence. Some sources directly write that wild man (just in case …) shot …

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