South Greece swept flood. Video


6.02.12.V while to the north of Greece collapsed abnormal snowfall in the south began to flood. In the administrative area of the Peloponnese, in particular — in the town of Pyrgos and around archaeological sites of Olympia, a state of emergency. In some mountainous areas, there landslides.

[Resident of the town of Pyrgos]
"There was a lot of water, people are trying to figure out how to escape, but the water was coming, could only pray for salvation."

According to police, a small village near Piraeus killed 82-year-old woman. She could not get out of the house, in which the water comes. In addition, from the city hospital had to evacuate all patients.

[Andreas Vgenopulos, employee hospital in Pyrgos]
"We were told to evacuate the hospital. The situation here is very bad, all the water damaged building. "

According to city officials, the flood also hit the road, farm and agricultural land.

Fire department receives hundreds of calls from residents and nearby villages, were trapped in their homes.

In the next two days in the region expect new draft. It is worth noting that the same region of southern Greece in 2007 severely damaged by forest fires.
Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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