Spain snowed

March 1, 2013. The weather in Spain recalled on Thursday with a summary of the battlefields. Within 10 minutes of the first Spanish television channel showed the snow piled city streets flooded by water flows, bending under the blows of wind gusts and trees shivering passers-by.

The three-day storm caused traffic congestion, resulting in numerous accidents. In schools canceled classes. Rural areas because of interruptions in the supply of lack of essential goods. In some regions in the central part of the country snow depth reached 50 inches, which happens in Spain extremely rare.

Particularly unexpected were heavy snowfalls in South Andalusia where snow covered the famous cathedral in Seville, the Alhambra palace in Granada, in the streets of the old town of Cordoba. According to local old-timers such snowfall in their seats was already 20 years old. Even more so — at the end of February, when normally Spain already blooming almonds and spring sun shines.

In the eastern regions of the country along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea have been heavy rains, flooding basements and first floors of homes. The air temperature at night these days reached the mark in a number of regions of minus 10 degrees, but the day did not drop below zero.

According to ITAR-TASS referring to the National Agency for Meteorology, on Friday in 36 provinces of the country will remain a danger of snow and heavy rains. On Saturday should grow warmer, while showers will be replaced by a drizzling rain.

Source: Lead


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