Spirit rover photographed a UFO in the skies of Mars




U.S. robot Spirit, performing surveying the sky with a green filter, found an unusually bright object which moved four degrees of arc in a time exposure shot (15 seconds).

According to the first assumption, it could be one of the seven spacecraft orbiting around the planet right now.

However, while scientists can not confidently relate seen any object with the old Soviet "Mars" or the American "Vikings" or "Mariner", nor with any more earthly machine whose orbits are well known.

It is possible that the rover caught in the lens first, we observed on Mars meteor. Other versions, obviously, should be left to the mercy of ufologists.

One of the scientists mission Mark Lemmon (Mark Lemmon) said: "Is it — the first image of a meteor on Mars, or the image space ship sent from another world for the dawn of our program of space exploration? We may never know, but we are still looking for clues. "

Horizontal line — a reflection of the bright points of movement during exposure shot. Inset right — the magnified image of the same strip (photo from jpl.nasa.gov).


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