Spratly Islands — a zone of possible military conflict in South-East Asia

Spratly Islands - a zone of possible military conflict in South-East AsiaArchipelago Spratly Islands in the South China Sea may be the newest area of the Great War. Philippines assert its desire to strengthen its position in the disputed region. To strengthen the capabilities of the Navy and the Air Force in the region lures allocates additional 184 million dollars.

Woo unwilling to give way in the region neighbors and China first. Statement by the Philippine authorities, apparently due to the fact that the first Chinese navy ship March ousted from the disputed area Philippine ship, which led oil exploration. Lures expressed official protest to Beijing, but the Chinese authorities did not react. In Beijing, said virtually the entire region and not just their willingness to defend justify their claims by force.

Philippines also want to keep control of at least 25% of the archipelago, the part of it which is located near the Philippine island of Palawan. Lures also repeatedly voiced readiness to wage war over the island, if need be. So, in 2008, was made a promise to "fight to the last sailor and a Marine." According to General Eduardo Oban, part of the allocated funds will be used for the modernization of the airport on the peninsula Pagaza.

Reference: Spratly Islands (Nansha) — an archipelago in the south-western part of the South China Sea. It consists of more than 100 islets, reefs, atolls, and their total area of less than 5 square meters. km. The region of more than 400 thousand square meters. km. Center of the archipelago is 400 km from the islands of Palawan and Borneo, 500 km off the coast of Vietnam, and 1,000 km from the Chinese island of Hainan. The value of the archipelago is not in the ground, in a strategic position — the one who is in control, keeps "the throat" major sea and air routes from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean. In addition, the area can be used for basing submarines and other naval forces, temporary bases for the preparation of landing troops on the adjacent areas. So did the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun during the Second World War and occupied them have done here base for submarines. The islands are also important with regard to biological resources — they are used as a fishing area, it's crowded (with the same significant population growth) of South-East Asia is an important factor. Also found on the shelf of supplies of hydrocarbons. At the current time the island dispute each other 6 countries: Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei.

Approximately 45 islets and reefs occupied by small military contingents from Vietnam, China, Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan. Vsepolnotsennymi military bases to call them hard, it's faster military posts in the form of small boxes on stilts.

Spratly Islands - a zone of possible military conflict in South-East Asia

Spratly Islands - a zone of possible military conflict in South-East Asia

History of conflict

— According to the contract of Saragossa in 1529 between Spain and Portugal, these areas under its yurispundentsiyu received Spain.

— After the Spanish-American War in 1898, they were the U.S., they have thrown their Philippines.

— In the 1927-1930 years, the French study conducted in the islands and declared them French territory, to join their Indo-Chinese possessions.

— In 1932, China expressed France's claim, declaring the archipelago of Chinese territory.

— In 1933, the French ships took under his control 9 large islands. Japan filed a complaint stating that on one of the islands was a Japanese mine phosphates.

— In 1939, Tokyo, said the desire to take the islands on their own terrain control. Paris and London have protested and secured the French yurispundentsiyu over the islands.

— In 1941, the Japanese Navy seized the island and controlled them until the end of the second world war, there was built a submarine base (on the peninsula Itu Aba).

— After the war, China and France put forward its rights to the island. China began to build around the islands its military presence in the 1947 Paris asks to withdraw Chinese forces.

— At a conference in San Francisco in 1951 by representatives of Vietnam (under French control) presented his claim to the Spratly and Paracel Islands. At the same conference, Tokyo formally renounced all rights to the island. But because the decision on ownership of the islands world community has not taken, the country of the rising sun have the ability to "remember" about their rights.

— In 1956, the claim to the islands of the Philippines said, intrigued by all the parties expressed their protest, Vietnam and China have taken a few islands.

— In 1958, China led to its territorial waters, the Spratly archipelago they related to their own areas.

— In the years 1961-1963 South Vietnam established their marks accessories on several islands.

— In 1968, the Philippines landed troops on three islands and announced the addition of Kalayaan Island group. In 1972, the Kalayaan Island joined with the province of Palawan. In 1978, the lure of the claims put forward a map. First 80s Filipino troops captured several islands and built a military post.

— In 1971, on the islands was of claims Malaysia. In 1979, Malaysia published a map of claims — it comprises 12 islands.

— In 1975 he teamed up Vietnam officially put forward the claim to the archipelago. In 1982, Vietnam took a few islands and established military posts.

— In 1983, Malaysia seizes peninsula Layang-Layang, building upon it a military base and the resort.

— In 1984, Brunei identified in the scope of their own fisheries Louisiana-reef to the south of the Spratly Islands.

— Since 1987, China is on a constant military patrols the islands and built a permanent base.

Spratly Islands - a zone of possible military conflict in South-East Asia— In 1988 came clash of Chinese and Vietnamese Navy, was drowned three Vietnamese and one Chinese patrol at Johnson Reef (Blue Cow). In the end, China has captured seven reefs and atolls, creating a springboard for the upcoming expansion of its own sphere of influence.

In the heat of the upcoming Sino-Vietnamese conflict somewhat slept on the first plan put forward claims Philippines (behind which stood the USA). From 1994-1995 he was. Philippine Navy more than once detained Chinese fishermen and destroyed the Chinese border markers. In 1
995, China and Vietnam have agreed to coordinate their plans of development of island resources.

— In 2004, the Philippine patrol planes were shot (and according to the Philippine military were damaged) Vietnamese. Vietnam has expanded tourist building and built an airfield.

At the current time, China has maintained a military presence on the islands 8-9, Vietnam on the 21st, Philippines on 8, Malaysia on 3. The most lucrative position in Taiwan, which holds the key to one, but the greatest peninsula — Itu Aba, which has built an airfield.

The possibility of a huge conflict, though not great, but there is. At the current time, almost all the hassles were small and consisted in the destruction of municipal signs (which countries "tag" their "own" islands, reefs), the detention of fishermen, verbal sparring through the media. But ultimately, this region has great strategic significance, can become a zone of violent conflict.

Spratly Islands - a zone of possible military conflict in South-East Asia

Spratly Islands occupied with flags of their countries.

Spratly Islands - a zone of possible military conflict in South-East Asia

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