St. Petersburg again reported tremors


20.12.12.V town again it was reported that residents felt tremors from which the walls of apartments went crack.46 year-old resident of St. Petersburg told the blog in LJ that night 20 December felt the tremors. A resident of the northern areas of the city wrote that pushes him to the bathroom went crack.

"I live in the north of the city. Tonight in 2:00 resistant felt tremors. And in the bathroom on the same side of the tile directly in front of the crack, and the other does tiles fell off. It was about 3 push. A similar phenomenon has been observed sometime in February 2011, also at night "…

Indeed, in the spring of 2011 St. Petersburg complained of tremors in the north of St. Petersburg, which frightened of unknown origin. Then comment on the fact of giving physicists and geologists, and the officials and the military.

Experts say that our region is not seysmoopasen. Nevertheless, the tremors are possible. Weak seismicity is real in St. Petersburg, but in the background noise of the city, it would be imperceptible. But at night it is quite possible to feel.

Also cause tremors may be military action. An explosion in a military unit in the north may well be "responding" in the apartments of the townspeople. True, all the military "operations" — for example, the destruction of the shells — are held in the afternoon.

By the way, last night in Sochi was fixed three-point earthquake. But the ripple to Petersburg it did not happen.

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