Star sunk into the abyss of gravity




Sensation in the world of science — scientists were able to see what the view is basically impossible. Astronomers first observed as a "black hole" swallowed part of the star. One of the most important scientific discoveries of mankind — Albert Einstein's theory of relativity — now confirmed in practice.

The massive "black hole" is stretched for the stars and slowly absorbs part of it — so astronomers describe this process. Cosmic catastrophe occurred in the center of the galaxy RXG-242-11. Star, comparable in size to the sun, too close to the "black hole" and under the influence of gravity began to disintegrate.

The scientists add that before disappearing into the "black hole" star is heated to temperatures of tens of millions of degrees. The energy that is released during this process is equal to the power of the explosion at the birth of the so-called supernova.

According to Einstein's theory, the "black hole" — is the gravitational abyss. The force of attraction inside is so great that it absorbs everything, even light. However, it can not be seen.

Until now, scientists spoke of "black holes" in theory. And then, finally, they found themselves. "Such a phenomenon we have observed for the first time and for the first time received evidence that the" black hole "is really absorb the Stars" — says an expert on extraterrestrial physics Stephanie Komossa.

For astronomers observed cosmic catastrophe in the range of X-rays by means of two orbiting observatories — "Newton" and "Chandra". This "black hole" is located at a distance of 700 million light-years from Earth. If the absorption occurred in our galaxy, the strength of the radiation was 50,000 times stronger.

Scientists have calculated that the planet is not in any way affect the absorption, which means that soon no cosmic catastrophe the world is not threatened.


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