Starting station Phobos to the satellite of Mars ended in failure


9.11.11.Pri try orbiting interplanetary station (AWS) "Phobos-Grunt" has developed an extraordinary situation, reported on Wednesday morning, the head of the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), Vladimir Popovkin.

As he said, quoted by ITAR-TASS, AMC "got into a parking orbit, the fuel is not wasted, and we have three days to perezakladku program."

It was the first interplanetary mission to Russia over the past almost 15 years. If successful, the station three years later was delivered to Earth about 200 g soil Phobos — Mars satellite.

Conquer the Russian Phobos, scientists are trying is not the first time.

The first attempt took place in the Soviet era, in the late 80's. The task of the mission was a little easier: distance learning Martian satellite. However, two stations — "Phobos-1" and "Phobos-2" — have failed. The first "Phobos" has been lost on the approach to Mars, with the second device connection was lost when he came closer to Phobos.

Next Mars mission launched only in 1996, but ended even faster and even more fail. Automatic station "Mars-96" due to the failure booster not even reached the escape trajectories, and collapsed upon entering the Earth's atmosphere in five hours after launch.

This incident was another setback Roscosmos. Experts have long been talking about the crisis in the Russian space industry. Against the background of failures Roscosmos head General Popovkin, replacing former head of department Anatoly Perminov. Then one of the reasons for the resignation of the losses of three satellites called GLONASS.

In early November due to technical problems was postponed launch rocket "Proton-M" with a block of three "Glonass-M".

Last Friday, the satellites "Glonass-M" were nevertheless successfully placed into orbit.

From Baikonur on October 19 launched rocket "Proton-M" with U.S. satellite communications. In September, the successful launch of "Proton-M" with the Russian military satellite. It was the first start after the accident cargo ship "Progress M-12M", which occurred on August 24.

Source: "Times"

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