Stay horns and legs …

Stay horns and legs ...Navies of Ukraine (VMSU) this year was 18. The age of majority. In general, the real transformation of them into a more or less true of the armed forces held not by the decree of President Leonid Kravchuk on April 5, 1992, and after the division of the former Soviet Black Sea Fleet. Then, in 1997, the former Russian republic received its 138 ships, a significant number of coastal infrastructure. How annoying would it sounds, keep all this wealth was not possible: the country's economy was not able to "pull" is so lengthy and complex economy. Were written off, for example, all three frigates of the "Petrel", lost VMSU and unique small landing craft air cushion type "Bison".

But becoming VMSU happened. They are, a combat-ready ships, aircraft and land-based weapons and power factor are on the Black Sea. However, not so massive — in the line of zabugornyh navies in this theater Ukrainian Navy is on some positions with the Navy in Bulgaria, second Romanian, not to mention Turkey. Recent now superior to all the features of Russian Black Sea Fleet (not taking into account its nuclear capability). And despite the fact that Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union went upscale yard on which to build ships of all classes, right up to the aircraft carriers.


In general, taking speaking in Russian officers and sailors VMSU (them from our Black Sea sailors distinguish except that shoulder patches with a blue cross naval flag of Ukraine), communicating with them, not chuvstvuesch no mutual exclusion. By the way, it should be noted-forgotten in Russia (in general, in the USSR), but revived the tradition of the Ukrainian Navy warships titles applying to ribbons beskozyrok. So if, walking in Sebastopol (now more reminiscent of Green's Zurbagan, if formidable naval base), you will see matrosika with a proud inscription "Zaporizhzhya" on the ribbon, know before you not anyone anyhow, and the diver with only a VMSU and totally epic submarine " Kiev ". Epic as from the transfer of Ukrainian Naval Forces, it is still "put into operation."

Turning on July 4, a day fleet of Ukraine, to the personnel VMSU, the new Supreme Commander Viktor Yanukovych, who was on board the flagship — the frigate "Hetman Sagaydachny", said the development of the fleet is the value of state power, and personally it as president.

How will this development is not yet fully clear. Anyway Ukrainian "defense" and ship itself still does not show, except for the small boat for sea border. It is clear intentions to begin construction of new VMSU 1,200-ton corvette, but some specifics here is not enough. And enjoying a fleet that is. About dilemmas plaguing him, evidenced, for example, the fact that the role of the parade on July 4 missile boats of the "Whirlwind" arrived in Sevastopol bay in tow — a crisis, but. Solyar roads today.

Now VMSU are about 15 thousand people. Organizational navy of Ukraine consists of the center of marine operations with subordinate forces, Southern and Western naval bases, ships crews on the Dnieper River (training boat base — Kiev), Marine Aviation Brigade, the center of the coastal defense forces and security services. The structure also includes VMSU marine radio detachment special purpose (it can be monitored by radar colorful mountain Ai-Petri) and Research Center "State Oceanarium of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine." Based fleet in Sebastopol, Balaklava, Novoozerne (Lake Donuzlav), Yalta, Kerch, Nikolayev, Ochakovo, Odessa, Black Sea and Feodosia.

Officer training is carried out in the Naval Academy named after Nakhimov (formerly — Sevastopol Naval Institute, and before that — the Black Sea Higher Naval School of the Navy). If it is valid to the same naval petty officers of the Institute.

It is estimated PENNANTS …

Marine Operations Center — is the main part of the Ukrainian Navy. His main connection — a squadron of diverse forces. In particular guide her command are large diesel submarine "Kiev" Project 641 and emergency command ship "Donbass", reclassified from a floating studio. The core of the team is the connection of surface ships (Chicken Sevastopol bay) as the listed flagship frigate "Hetman Sagaydachny" Project 1135.1, control ship "Slavutich" Project 12884 large landing ship "Konstantin Olshansky" Project 775, the average landing ship "Kirovograd" Project 773 boats and anti-sabotage "Theodosia" and "Naked Pier."

The core of the nucleus, but the main striking force of the fleet of the country — is a member of the squadron and based in the Bay Musketeers missile boats brigade, consisting of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Dnieper" and "Kremenchug" Project 1241.1 (like "Lightning"), also "Chernihiv" and "Kahovka "Project 206MR (like" Whirlwind "). Boats of the "Lightning" VMSU classified as corvettes — to make it sound more impressive. They are all armed with anti-ship missiles "Termite" with a range of 80 km. Last target practice "Termites" were two years back. Precious is a delight.

Available in the squadron of ships crew of aqua district is based in South naval base on Lake Donuzlav. There are small anti-submarine ships (they corvettes) Project 1124M of the "Albatross" — "Luck" and "Ternopil" Project 1241.2 — "Uzhgorod" and "Khmelnitsky" project 1124P — "Vinnitsa", sea trawlers 266M project — "Chernigov "and" Cherkasy ". The combat readiness "Uzhgorod", "Khmelnytsky" and "Vinnitsa" is very unclear. As for the "Luck" and "Ternopil" tuning-in of a reserve for the Russian Kiev "Lenin's smithy", respectively, in 1994 and 2006, it is the newest fighting units VMSU. By the way, the highest degree of readiness to Feodosia shipbuilding plant "Sea" are small anti-submarine ships (corvettes) hydrofoil "Lions" and "Lugansk" Project 1145.1 — the same as the one in the Black Sea Fleet "Vladimirets", which can create at the pier in the South Bay of Sevastopol. But here is whether they will be put into service VMSU is unclear.

Incidentally, minesweeper "Chernigov" until 2004 was called "Yellow Waters," about which Russian sailors wit: "Yellow Water" came out in the dark sea. " Now the reason for the one-liners remained with their Ukrainian counterparts, as for the blue sea in the world now come only "Mineral Water" — because someone has managed to name one of the basis of minesweepers Black Sea Fleet.

Apart from the squadron in the center of naval operations VMSU have separate divisions of ships aqua area. In Odessa, a part of such division includes inshore trawler "Henichesk" Project 1258 (mine-sweeping boat on Ukrainian systematization) and gunboat "Pivdenniy" — Training Polish project 772, installed the 14.5-mm anti-aircraft machine gun Spark. There are a couple of multi-purpose boats like "Yaroslavets" with machine guns. In a separate division Donuzlavskaya OVRa considered basic minesweeper "Melitopol" project in 1265. Another such minesweeper, "Mariupol", is in the sludge.

The most secret part can be considered VMSU Centre for Marine Special Operations — a former brigade of special purpose Russian Black Sea Fleet. Ukrainian frogmen stationed in Ochakovo
and the peninsula Pervomay. The center — teams of underwater mining, underwater mine and antiamphibious break barriers, intelligence and anti struggle. He assigned a patrol boat of 1400M "skadovsk" and propelled landing pontoons "Svatovo" and "Bryanka" based in Ochakov.

Auxiliary vessels and basic craft fleet brought into the center of the search and rescue operations and divisions of supply vessels, based in Sevastopol, and Odessa Donuzlave.

Stay horns and legs ...


VMSU Marine Brigade is based at the airport in the districts of the resort town of Saki. It includes aircraft and a helicopter squadron. 1st has 4 seaplanes Be-12, created for anti-defense and search and rescue operations, a pair of light military transport aircraft An-26 and An-2 biplane, which gives the center of marine special operations and provides parachute training its personnel in Ochakov. In a helicopter squadron — eight anti-and search-and-rescue ship Ka-27 and Mi-14 amphibians, several naval transport rotorcraft combat Ka-29 and the ordinary landing-transport Mi-8. One of the Ka-27 is based on the frigate "Hetman Sagaydachny."

Center of Coastal Defence — this is what happened in the end orgshtatnyh events that have been passed in 32 VMSU Army Corps and the 10th separate brigade of marines, and departed Ukraine of coastal missile and artillery troops of the Black Sea Fleet. Now center includes separate brigade of coastal defense, with its headquarters in Simferopol, separate battalion of marines in Feodosia and separate coastal missile division. In a separate brigade of coastal defenses are scattered across Crimea Tank Battalion, filled MBT T-64, three mechanized battalion, brigade artillery group with 122-mm self-propelled ("Carnation") and towed (D-30), howitzers, and multiple rocket launchers " Grad, "an anti-artillery battalion with 100-mm guns," Rapier "and self-propelled anti-tank missile systems" Competition ", anti-aircraft missile and artillery battalion with self-propelled anti-aircraft" Shilka "and the self-propelled air defense system" Strela-10 ", a marine engineer battalion, a company of electronic combat and support units.

In a separate coastal missile division are two mobile coastal missile complex "Frontier" with katernogo missiles "Termite". In addition, the division of Ukraine's Black Sea Fleet has got a long-range operational-tactical missile complex stationary shore "cliff" near Balaklava ("to 100"). Who is left of it, what is called, horns and legs. By the way, this place is known to all who beheld the movie "Solo Voyage" — in it he "played" for the Yankees in what is really nothing of the kind.

Municipal Aquarium is located in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Cossack Bay and Cape Fiolent. There are carried out research related to akvanavtikoy and must assume resuscitated conducted in the Russian fleet in the interest of time, experiments with dolphins. Attributed to the aquarium two ships — diving "Pochaiv" and towing "Kamenka" at the disposal of its employees are also underwater vehicles — manned "reef", "Rock Lobster", "Sever-2" and remotely operated.


In a broad sense, a component of the Navy of Ukraine are part of the maritime security of the State Border Service of the country. By his own composition, they are not inferior parts of the Azov-Black Sea Coast Guard Border Service of the Russian Federation.

Ukrainian naval protection consists of Izmail (river, the Danube), Odessa, Sevastopol (Balaclava), Yalta and Kerch units, a separate division of Mariupol and river of the "Dnepr". It has a coast guard vessel (almost small ASW) Project 1241.2 — "Gregory Kuropyatnik", "Poltava" and "Gregory Gnatenko" Project 205P — "Volyn", "Nikolayev", "Heroes of the Kerch", "Bucovina", "Donbass" "Odessa", "Transcarpathia" and "Paul Derzhavin" armored boats River Project 1204 — "Ishmael", "Lubna", "Nizhin" and "Kanev," 12 patrol boats project 1400M, about 70 small boats new Ukrainian project "Kalkan "" Qatran "," Galleon-280 "," Galia-640 "," Hvilya "YMC-600, messengers boat project 14670" Lions "and" Krivoy Rog "and other plavedinitsami.

Until nedavneshnego time the border guards and had a high-speed turbine patrol hydrofoil "Galicia" type "Antares" (project 133), but as it became clear he already served his. Under the flag of the border walks and based in Yalta Presidential Yacht "Crimea" Project 1360 — dear "sister" as Russian presidential yacht "Caucasus", attributed to Sochi (both, by the way, to the "Eclipse" Roman Abramovich, as the "Oka" to " Bentley ").

Maritime security exploits in the squad Izmail's an old warship Ukraine — Staff "Danube". This is the last German Navy minesweeper "Grafenau", built in the 40 years of the Red Army and occupied as a trophy.

According placed "white papers" plans for Defence Policy of Ukraine in the coming years VMSU envisaged to have 15 warships, excluding boats, four anti-submarine aircraft, 10 anti-submarine helicopters, coastal defense troops — 39 main battle tanks, artillery 65-66 systems of more than 100 mm caliber and 91 armored combat vehicles, while maintaining the existing organizational structure. This means that no special VMSU development in the foreseeable future and as such is not visible. But be aware that it plans since the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko. To this period belong and discussion of intent in order to receive military assistance to any ships from the U.S., South American unneeded fleet.

The discussions, in general, remained discussions. Whether embodied in the life of naval values of the new president of Ukraine and to what extent, remains to be seen. By the way, in a solemn appeal to the Ukrainian Mariners (delivered at the Russian language) Viktor Yanukovych noted and increased cooperation with Russia, which hardly could have been expected from his predecessor.

But rolling cooperation with NATO in the militarysea Kiev region obviously not going to. Evidence of this — held in July at the Black Sea multilateral "anti-piracy" exercises "Sea Breeze 2010", in which, along with the ships of Ukraine took the role of the South American frigate "Taylor" and Turkish "Yavuz". Anti-piracy contingent helped with air except Ukrainian aviation base patrol aircraft P-3 "Orion" U.S. and German freighter C-160, "Transal" that dropped the Ukrainian descent on a wide range Lan in the Mykolaiv region. On maneuvers were used as Georgian and Moldovan Marines.

In general, the Russian Navy and at times to work out joint exercises with NATO all sorts of counter-terrorism and search and rescue opening. And so it is possible that in the "Sea Breeze" will be the ships of the Russian Navy.

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