Stop the reckless war machine!

Stop the insane war machine!In the last days of terrorists in Damascus as a chain broke. Already it is day or goes by without a terrorist attack. Law enforcement agencies increase security, many of the streets in the town are covered, but not easy to resist the highly trained and prepared bandits. Some of the attacks lead to the real harm — as, for example, the explosion on October 22 in the metropolitan area of Tijara, where a car bomb exploded. On the same day, a suicide bomber tried to undermine the army checkpoint on arrival at the village Zheramana, but, fortunately, he just blew himself. However, some attacks lead to catastrophic consequences — as, for example, nedavneshny attack on the area of Bab Tuma led to the death of 13 people.

And when at night you hear another explosion, tearing the silence, or when the days are in the usual noise and hubbub of the town bursts into a huge and sonorous alarm sound — never previously do not know, there were a real thing or harm someone is again removed from the list of live …
Gangsters struggling with representatives of one of the most peaceful and humane professions — with doctors. In the town of Daraa was killed Dr. Sufian Al-Zoubi. The bandits attacked him at the moment when he, not knowing that at the moment dies, was driving to work in the clinic of Daraa, where he was expected patients. In the "northern capital" of Syria — Aleppo town in Al-Zuhur, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a car bomb in front of the hospital, "Suri-France." Fortunately, there were only stark real harm caused to the clinic. Died there.

In the same long-suffering Aleppo thugs set fire to old markets, and other historical monuments. Most of the Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo burned from the inside. Vandals continue the strategy of "you can not keep under control — burn it."

Burn not only buildings and monuments. Even burn books. At the same time, not some ideological literature, and the most peaceful baby textbooks for schools. According to the State Administration of Press, the harm caused to printers and warehouses, amounted to more than 100 million Syrian pounds, due to the burning warehouse with textbooks, the scrapping of the printing presses and the attack on the machine, which transported the textbooks. Because of such actions in almost all schools in the delayed delivery of textbooks, but the government is trying to do everything possible to give these tutorials for free.

Constructive Islamists believe that children should not be taught, he says, in the Qur'an and it is written all right. Yes, and in mosques brutalized by bandits burn even religious books and the same Qur'an, apparently wanting to plunge Syria into prehistoric times.

In the Syrian "opposition" is one notable ideologue — Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who was even called "Sunni Khomeini." As the lead is popular shows are all of the anti-Syrian media channel "Al Jazeera", the "torch of theology" poured unspeakable abuse in the address of both Syria and Russia. It turns out that "Russia — enemy number one for the Arabs," as does not accept a UN Security Council resolution allowing bombard Syria.

Pouring out streams of hate, this ideology of violence calls to kill "infidels" — Russian, Chinese, Iranians, stoking inter-ethnic, inter-religious, inter-religious hatred. And it is — in the 21st century, which in the West wish to declare "the age of tolerance"? Here, as in the famous joke, ladies and gentlemen from the West, "or remove the cross, or wear pants." Or cease to maintain such "opposition" to such "ideologues" or remove tolerant tinsel.

In addition, the agency "AFP" said, as if the militants of the armed opposition in Aleppo were "first paycheck." Someone Abdou Salam Humaid, who calls himself "Colonel" (although how he was a colonel, rather than an obvious fearful deserter who betrayed their homeland?) Stated that distributes kazhdomesyachnoy wage of 150 dollars per month. Representatives of the rebels responded to the question where the money — they come from the Gulf States.

Here is interesting is not what it Tipo "first paycheck" — it is clear that until now these mercenaries received funds and considerable, and that the "opposition" to the public recognized that receive funds from the oil monarchies of Qatar and Saudi Arabia — that what the official Syria is trying to shout to the world society for more than one year. And what kind of "people's revolution" when it comes to such open admissions?

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko openly accused Western countries of falsity and barbarity of their "democracy." Talking about how he tried to mediate, when the United States and some Western countries to commit an attack on Iraq, Lukashenko said that in response to the fact that he insisted that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, the representatives of the West responded to him, " We have to believe. But military machine already unwound so it's already inert that it can not suspend. "

The same callous military machine spins at the moment in relation Syria.

In Iraq, killed a million people.

In Syria may be ditched a lot more if you do not stop this horrible machine.

The population of the earth should it stop!

Stop the war machine lust Syria itself. At a meeting with the UN special envoy Lakhdar al-Ibrahimi President Bashar al-Assad highlighted the need for public dialogue to overcome the crisis. It said that Syria has not once perceived all peace initiatives, but each time the forces in the West and they control the terrorists thwarted all peace efforts. Ibrahimi proposed initiative — to finish consuming both government forces and the militants during the Muslim holy prazdnichka Eid al-Adha. But will it be implemented such initiative? When, after his meeting with the special envoy of the President of the journalists asked a direct question — is there a guarantee that the rebels will go to such a step, and will observe the cease-fire, he said that this it initiative does not ask for guarantees, the only guarantee can only be the conscience of those who gave him such a promise, and if the ceasefire is not followed, the Syrian people shall have the right to bring to justice the perpetrators of derailing the peace initiative. The problem only in the fact that it was already two examples of when the Syrian government went on a cease-fire, but the gunmen tore it. So let's see what are the words Ibrahimi that Syrian people shall have the right to bring to justice those who thwart peace initiative and the third time.

Stop the anti-Syrian war machine wants the whole world. Actions of solidarity with Syria held these days are all over the world — in Europe, in the East, and Latin America. In Belgium and Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Romania, India and Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil, people solidarizes with the state at risk of being millstones modern military machine. Large antimilitarist demonstration held in Turkey, where they were dispersed with tear gas and batons. Solidarity Rally in Moscow. The participants in these demonstrations — as representatives of the Syrian community, especially the students and citizens of these countries — in solidarity with the people of Syria, who do not wish to submit to the aggressors, with control of the country, the accompanying Huge efforts to save it, with an army of CAP, the soldiers whose sacrifice th
emselves in fighting terrorism, with all this inflicting painful blows.

A special role in stopping the mad war machine is on our country, which has a power that can counter the all-destroying power of lime and krivodushnogo West. This is our historic mission at this stage — to prevent incitement of modern war, which can grow in the modern world!

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