Stopping the printing press the U.S. Federal Reserve and the end of the world: Delayed for 48 hours

Stopping the "printing press" the U.S. Federal Reserve and the "end of the world": Delayed for 48 hours

According vebu quickly spreading another version sensation that time had to nedavneshnego codenamed "21.12.12". Now this sensation came codenamed "23.12.12".

VY Katasonov, prof., Ph.D., chairman of the Russian Economic Society them. SF Sharapova

The new version SENSATION about "doomsday"

World and Russian media for months intensively exaggerate topic likely stop "printing press" of the U.S. Federal reserve (Fed USA), which must occur Tipo 21 December 2012 on the views of the creators of publications on this topic, particularly in this day must end in 99 — year contract lease "printing press", which was concluded between personal bankers and by the U.S. in late 1913. Further, depending on the imagination of the creators of different scenarios drawn "end of the world", which inevitably must come after December 21, 2012.

First year I spoke with the publication on the designated topic, which was called "Once again, the" end of the world. " As the Fed starts printing machine rental? '. In it, I, referring to the Federal Reserve Act and other legislative acts of the United States, briefly described the present legal status of the Federal Reserve and explained to the information about the "end of the world", which should come 21.12.12 — another information "duck." Incidentally, directed the attention of the creators of "ducks" that 99 years after the signing of the Law on the Federal Reserve does not have a 21, and on December 23. After that, the creators of several ducks rebuilt, codenamed sensation changed to "23.12.12". Thank God, the earthly life of the world's population has been extended for another 48 hours.

Exactly a month before the expected mystically minded citizens of action, namely 23 November 2012 on the website of "War and Peace" appeared a sensational article, "December 23, 2012 — What's the intrigue? '. Creator of publication — MA Beetles.

Immediately, I note that in the material Zhukova are fully sensible ideas and are completely specific facts. It is quite true states that the U.S. Congress has its own law the Federal Reserve provided a "printing press" personal bankers for rent for a period of 20 years (of course, we use a figure of speech, a strictly legal question for a license for the right of private funds issue ). In other words, until the end of 1933. Also rightly said that in 1927, the U.S. Congress has brought an amendment to the law, according to which a license is lifelong. But under certain conditions Congress has the right to revoke this license. By the way, in your own publication, I drew attention to the fact that these conditions have long since came and that South American legislators have not only a right but even to revoke the license (without waiting for the magical date).


The reward Zhukova, from my point of view, is the fact that he (unlike many authors, writing about the Fed) drew attention to the subsequent event: the activities of the Federal Reserve is determined not only known law of 1913, but also the founding documents , which was created on the basis of designated personal company.

To quote Zhukov: "As though any private institution, the Fed created the founding contract. And this contract, being a public document, should be available and stored in the Library of Congress. The issue: it is stored there? It is available? Why anywhere in the network do not have it scanned copy of the citation or the text? And it is not given in the blog Living magazine Andrei Filatov, where the latter is actually carefully quoted so official, protecting the U.S. financial system with a passion, and what U.S. residents rarely seen "(reference: Andrey Filatov — our last citizen which has long since moved to the U.S., lives in Florida and is in the Russian language Alive The magazine, which focuses on the topic only the U.S. Federal Reserve — VK). I note that the lack of access not only ordinary people but even the American legislators to the memorandum Fed becomes a "breeding ground" for various conspiracy theories, speculations and fantasies.

Do not avoid the temptation and the creator of such publication on the website of "War and Peace". He insists that the "end of the world" may indeed come, but at the same time saying to all, "there may come", but will come soon. After all, the Fed's owners are very resourceful and can think of something nibudt. But all the same it "may occur" on the grounds that the specified period of 99 years Tipo laid in the founding document of the development of the Federal Reserve. That's it. The creator of the constituent material of the contract is not beheld, but "by deduction" Sherlock Holmes "figured out" that the contract should stand timeline. Of course, in the world there are cases of the Treaties with a fixed closing date of the Company (the company). But why is the model contract was to be used for the Federal Reserve? The creator explains it quite weird way: as the founders had to make to the company's share capital contributions in the form of gold. Zhukov recalls: it was then the world's gold standard, because to issue paper bank notes without gold of supplies could not be. That is correct. But why gold should be granted for a period of 99 years? All the explanation creator comes to the subsequent sentence: "For how long could be given a golden share capital for the purpose of providing monetary emission Fed? It is understood that not 100 years, and the same 99, as is customary practice in business practice. " I searched through the mass of literature, but never found evidence that it was "accepted practice in business turnover."

The constituent documents to establish banks did not anticipate the time limits the functioning of banks, but only defines how the funds in the authorized capital and the ability to (order) of their withdrawal by individual shareholders. Period of 99 years, allegedly inherent in the contract on the establishment of the Federal Reserve, leave it to the conscience of the creator of the publication of "December 23, 2012 — What's the intrigue? '.


Well, the creator of the following theses in general can be attributed to the level of fantasy. I would not consider this "fiction", if it were not crammed our websites, newspapers, magazines (with some claiming to be "scientific"). Zhukov wrote: "… to form a golden share capital Fed had to find investors. And they were found, as were for the first (1791-1811 gg.), And the second (1816-1834 gg.) Central banks of the United States. Sources gold standard in these last 2-known banks — the royal families of Europe, including the royal family of Great Britain. " In fact, in any textbook on money you can read about how to form federal spare the U.S.. It is clear, first included 12 of the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB), the authorized capital of which were formed by the commercial banks, which became members of the Federal Reserve. They have made in the capital of the Federal Reserve Bank and part of their gold.
Those interested in the details on this subject, I can recommend a good book: Murray Rothbard. History appeal Monetary and Banking in the United States: from the colonial period to the second world war. Per. from English. — Chelyabinsk: "Society", 2005

I do not exclude that in the capital of the Federal Reserve have contributed (and continue to engage) the members of the royal families of England and other European countries. But not directly, but only indirectly, through the role of capital in those commercial banks that joined the Fed. Let me remind you that the law allows to participate in the capital of the Federal Reserve Bank and the personal (physical) persons, but the fraction of the role can not exceed 25 thousand dollars, with all this natural person has the right to participate in decision-making of the company.

In 1913, Congress gave America a perpetual debt slavery personal Federal reserve system, giving it the right to print money and keep control of the South American economic system. Was first released 203.053 shares of the Federal Reserve, of which approximately 65% owned by foreigners, and the other 35% (about 72,000 shares) were distributed between the South American banks:
1. National City Bank = 30,000 shares;
2. Chase National Bank (later — the bank Chase Manhattan) = 6,000 shares;
3. National Bank of Commerce (later — Morgan Guaranty Trust) = 21,000 shares;
4. First National Bank = 15,000 shares.

The number of shares owned by the Rockefellers (the first two of the above banks betrothed) was approximately equal to the number of shares owned by the Morgans (follow the two banks), ie at 36 000 shares.

In the middle of the main foreign shareholders were English and Berlin banks Rothschild, Paris bank "brother Lazarus» (Lazard Brothers); Italian banks belonging to the Israel Moses Sieff (Israel Moses Sieff); Hamburg Warburg Bank (Warburg).

In the period between the first and second world wars in the middle of the big shareholders of the Fed appeared such banks on Wall Street as "Kuhn Loeb» (Kuhn Loeb); «Lehman Brothers» (Lehman Brothers); «Goldman Sachs» (Goldman Sachs).

One of the more profound the U.S. Federal Reserve researchers Yankees Eustace Mullins (not so long ago dead) in his major book "Secrets of the individual Federal Reserve System» (Eustace Mullins «Secrets of the Privately Owned Federal Reserve») gave post-layout the major shareholders of the Federal Reserve, which includes as a family, and individual banks (as of 1970): 1) the Rothschild family, and 2) Lazard Frerez (Eugene Meyer), 3) Israel Sieff, 4) bank "Kuhn Loeb ', 5), the bank Warburg, 6), the bank" Lehman Brothers ", 7), the bank" Goldman Sachs "8) of the Rockefeller family and the Morgans.

Mullins in some cases obliged to give names of banks, so as to reveal the ultimate shareholders designated banks (individuals) did not seem likely. Together with the fact Mullins concludes that the share capital of the Fed is not sprayed, and is in the hands of a very narrow group of family clans. On the first place, he puts the Rothschild family, on the second — the Rockefellers. The modern researcher of the U.S. monetary Nicholas Hagger gives a slightly different "layout" shareholders: it in the first place are the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds — the second (see: Nicholas Hagger. Syndicate. Creation story of hidden world government and how its impact on world politics and economy. Transl. from English. — M: CAPITAL PRINT, 2007).


So the issue we are the creators of the material that the monarchs of Europe were "golden" shareholders of the Fed — the creator of fantasy. But it is still on. "Hit" of its publication in the following: major gold deposit in the capital of the Federal Reserve has done, it turns out, our governor Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov (Nicholas 2nd). I have often had to deal with this kind of "ducks". In his book "Gold in the economy and politics of Russia" (Moscow publishing house "Ankil", 2009), I had to deal with debunking various legends about the "king's gold."

For example, the myth of a "golden installment of" our king Federal reserve. Also, the fact that the "royal gold" of the Fed's vault gold in store moved in International Finance Facility. Etc. etc. Unfortunately, this kind of "duck" to this day sometimes dart out from the pages of books of the late Dr. diplomatically Academy, VA Sirotkin, who was researching the history of the "royal gold" (see, for example: Sirotkin VA Foreign gold of. — Moscow: Olma-Press, 2000, and its the same: zabugornom Klondikes Russia. — M: Method, 2003 ). By the way, the family of King really was a certain amount of personal gold (about 5.5 tons) abroad — a British bank Barings. It is clear that it was there until 1917. For information about the upcoming fate of this gold is very inconsistent. Do not rule out that some piece of gold inscrutable ways really could be in the vaults of the banks in the Federal Reserve.

Apparently, the story of the gold that Nicholas raised his second in the share capital of the Fed, Zhukov took a loan from V. Sirotkin. But Zhukov went even further. He "figured" "successors" of our King, whom he considers to belong today untold riches of the Federal Reserve (referred to as the sum of 2 trillion dollars). The creator writes: "… in extracts Incorporation (Uniform Municipal Register of Legal Entities Russian Federation — VK) — several legal entities, whose total share capital and repeatedly exceeds the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation and its GDP, ie, the question about the trillions of dollars . "

Our promptness "Internet community" has managed to "calculate" one of these entities (in just a few hours after the release of the publication Zhukova). This Foundation "Global Christian Research Institute of State and Law of works named after PA Stolypin." President of the Foundation is to some citizen of Dolgoruky-Simansky. Last name is very loud, the monarchical. But the personality is very outrageous. Can lead full title, Kojima himself is designated a citizen:
Archimandrite Jora Jora stately Prince Prince Dolgoruky fifth-Simansky (Bulls) Ruricovich, Monomakh, from August Caesar kinship, 40th-generation … Lord of the Prince of Ukraine (Little Russia) and Russia majestic Prince of Kiev and Chernigov Lord of Galicia and Volyn Vladimoro-Prince Crimea and Lord of Pskov stately Prince of Smolensk, Ryazan, Polotsk, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Suzdal, Muramsky, Lviv, Seversky, Tmutarakansky Hetman and patron of the Don and Kuban. Cossacks defender of Orthodoxy and the Protector of Islam in Russia.

We Dolgoruky-Simansky there are many different companies with exciting names. Shocking citizen Dolgoruky-Simansky manifested not only in pyshnovatyh titles, and that the authorized capital created his foundations and companies are measured hundred square meters billion. This does not mean that it is — the second Rothschild, unnoticed living in Russia. The point, apparently, in the delusions of grandeur, and the fact that our law permits a rather frivolous evaluate the property contributed to the authorized capital. You can, for example, three chairs estimated at billion. But this is a conversation for experts escapist us from the topic of the Federal Reserve. According to the views of Zhukov, the owners at the end of the Fed today are concerned, the only one idea: as if to avoid the return of gold and other property of the citizens of type-Simansky Dolgoruky. I think that the creator is wrong, and they care about something else entirely.


It is a pity that journalists and even the master (economists, lawyers, political scientists
) are beginning to hunt for sensations, which in most cases are information "ducks". Together with the fact many severe challenges related to the activities of the same federal reserve system of the United States, are sometimes out of sight of journalists and professionals. To me, that is, more than once had to write about not so long ago, the audit of the U.S. Federal reserve (incidentally, the first comparable stern audit for almost a century of the existence of the Federal Reserve). By the way, the audit report is on the web and is not a "mystery" (see: Federal Reserve System. Opportunities Exist to Strengthen Policies and Processes for Managing Emergency Assistance. GAO-11-696, Jul 21, 2011, 253 pp ., located on the official website of the U.S. Government Accounting Office: US Government Accountability Office).

So here, according to the audit report, it appears that the Fed porazdavala during the last crisis naikrupneyshim loans to banks worth more than 16 trillion dollars. With all of this part of the loans (amounting to more than $ 3 trillion. Dollars) was secretly given to foreign banks. Without the consent of the Congress of the United States, South American is strictly prohibited by law. Not a single cent of loans at the time of the audit in the Federal Reserve Bank was not returned.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke so far (soon 18 months will have passed since the publication of the audit report) was not able to give how-ever understandable explanation of all these atrocities nor the president, nor the "elected representatives", or the South American nation. Is not that the basis in order to cover up personal "shop" under the title of the Fed, without waiting for the magical date of 23.12.12?

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