Storm in strength typhoon repairs turmoil in Japan

Storm in strength typhoon repairs turmoil in Japan Natural Disasters

The storm, which is comparable in strength to the typhoon, walked around in Japan April 3, 2012, resulting in the widespread unrest. As a result of heavy rains, accompanied by strong gusts of wind, one person was killed and more than 10,000 injured.

According to the Japanese Meteorological Service in the western part of the country recorded wind speed of 150 kilometers per hour, while coastal areas have more powerful winds. Because of the danger of possible tornado was canceled more than 550 flights, resulting in about 70,000 passengers were unable to make the flight. The work of the railway in the eastern and northern regions was also suspended. In the central part of Toyama Prefecture killed 81-year-old man, who is hit the canopy. As a result of flying debris and sudden wind gusts of at least 97 people across the country have received a variety of injuries.

Many companies have announced the end of the working day in advance, allowing all to get home before the storm intensified. In factories Canon and Fujitsu in Tokyo and neighboring prefectures over 39,000 employees received holiday.

The process of formation of the storm was similar to a typhoon, but unlike the typhoon storm was short-lived. Strong winds continue to move in a northerly direction, causing a 10-meter wave. The most dangerous place, according to meteorologists, is the Sea of Japan. The storm could also cause landslides and flooding.

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