Strange meeting


He seemed to be waiting for me on the trail. Neither young nor old. Not tall, but sturdy. Beautiful Slavic face. No beard and amazing clear blue eyes that express the infinite freedom and infinite love. From it came to me some unknown force. I tried to consider it his own insight, but saw no light and darkness. Then how such a force?
— You are trying in vain to see me — he said, when I caught up with him. — I can not see.
— But I can see your body, your eyes …
— What is the body? — This is the stable form of the molecules. According to my will, and they move so you can see this form. But I can disintegrate them, and then you will not see anything. So empty.
— Who are you?
— And call me as you like. — All names are mine.
— Are you God?
— You have a very rough and very distorted view of God.
— But that we have had the correct concept of him, to go beyond it and look at it as if from the outside. But if we are in Him we live and move, and then we can go beyond him?
— You're right to argue, but your knowledge is not enough to see the truth. Can you see yourself?
— Yes I can get out of your mind and body to look at ourselves. I can see myself in a dream.
— So become a God, and then you can understand and see God "as if from the outside."
— All sages and seers speak of Him as the Absolute, to say anything definite about which it is impossible. He neskazuem and unknowable, at least, at our level of consciousness.
— All knowable — said this strange man, like your point. — Let's go to your house and drink tea.
We came to my tent. I wanted to take the oven to melt faster to boil tea, but the stranger stopped me.
— Kindle fire better, — he said, — We drink tea by the fire.
I continued our dialogue.
— If you are God, then you are absolute, but it can not be!
— Why?
— Because Absolute invisible and unknowable. Are all the sages of the world wrong?
— And why do you think that the Absolute can not be like this form? And so … He made a quick motion with his hand out from under her and suddenly ran out of fire boy, he laughed loudly and ran … And so, as the forest, as these mountains, the valley, the earth, the universe? It can be as infinitely large and infinitely small. And maybe so — he again pointed to himself — Yes, he is all and all the properties and quality of the known and unknown to you are inherent.
— But I do not see you, no light, no darkness. You're empty, and at the same time, you radiate energy.
— Yes I emptiness, but emptiness, contains everything.
— You or durish me using my imperfections, or is it all I dream awake.
He is fun and leaping like a child laughing.
— Let's have tea, and then you svihneshsya.
We were drinking tea in silence, staring into the fire, and my thoughts randomly circling in my head, and his head seemed about to crack surge.
— Calm down, — he said, and touched my shoulder.
And in my mind suddenly went quiet. Thoughts disappeared and the whole body was seized unknown to the village of bliss. I was calm and well. And did not have to, why rush to think about anything — it was all there. I was at home and it suddenly became someone I was sitting beside him.
— But why exactly did you come to me? — Finally I asked.
— It's you pulled me your thoughts. You start to look at the terrain, for which few people have tried to look. You try to understand what the sages and seers refuse to even talk, calling it a fact or the Absolute or Universal Nothing, which has everything.
— Remember: ALL knowability! And do not line up barriers to learning. And who would not tell you that it is impossible, even the Buddha himself — to step over it. And Buddha is imperfect. In each given their knowledge as much as it can take. But you always try to take a little bit more. Let the authorities, no matter how high they are, let the truths that they declare, will not be an obstacle in your way of knowing.
— Do you have written that the pot can not realize individual master who fashioned it, bearing in mind that the person is not able to realize God. But pot is not thinking stuff. And he really can not understand the identity of the master. But you are a man, you're thinking and aware of itself matter. And you are given the opportunity to realize INCLUDING MASTER THAT YOU sculpt. At this level of development of consciousness you realize I like writing. But with the change and development of consciousness can you know me deeply. I, too, am in the process of constant research and development. I'm also not perfect and never will be perfect. Is not and never will be in the nature of what would have reached its perfection. Excellence — is death. And it is, in principle, impossible. I would replace the term for the process of perpetual creativity, creative expression. I create worlds, universes and creatures such as you. I do the thinking and conscious of ourselves matter. And it gives me great self-satisfaction. I can already talk to you like a thoughtful and conscious of myself and my being. And it is also the result of my work. And I have someone to pour out my love, and I have now through whom to show their quality, and realize their potential, in this phenomenal world.
— Tell me, worlds and universes really burn and collapse into a single point, as suggested our scientists?
— Of course not. I just turn off the light. This is what you call a day and night of Brahma. When you go to bed and turn off the lights in their rooms that house, too, and things disappear with the light?
— Of course not.
— The time comes and I disappear some worlds and universes, like your things in your house, worn out and fulfill its destiny. But not all at once. I just periodically turn off the light.
— One of our apostle said that the light comes from darkness and the darkness stronger. Is that so?
— You, Earthlings, a perverted concept of darkness. You associate it with the darkness of your ignorance. All you negative due to darkness. In reality, darkness is the origin of the light and all the rest — this is my creativity. This is where there's all. This information and material storage all of my developments in all previous Manvantara. Is all that is unlit, as you say, "is not manifest." And if that is undeveloped compared to what is manifest, it will be in the same ratio as the atom to the universe. You can reach it with his consciousness? So I contain in itself and the darkness and the light. But the darkness in me far more. This is my memory of all that had happened.
— You know, and I do not perceive you as the Absolute, or as God. I see you as a person, however, unusual.
— But I'm a man. If I stood in front of you, as God, then your shell will not be able to maintain my high vibration and burned. Come on, a minute podbros firewood, I have to — suddenly he asked.
I brought the wood and began putting the fire. After two or three minutes, it was prigasshee flames shot up top. My companion put the cup on the ground, suddenly stood up and walked right into the fire.
— Farewell, — he said. And shot up into the sky a fiery whirlwind. Blinding light struck in the eye. I was blinded for a moment, and apparently lost consciousness. Have been a matter of seconds and I opened my eyes. A man who called himself the Absolute, was not. Fire burned a steady flame. He looked at the sky. It glowed a bright-bright star. Where there might take a star? I shook my head and looked up at the sky — a star has disappeared. And then I suddenly realized — that I repaid her with his disbelief, his universal paradigm: "It can not be, because it can never be."
And there are no limits to human knowledge. There are no limits of imagination and creative power — this beam, thinking substance, which is called man. Know that the most exorbitant fantasy to which man is capable, the most "crazy" idea — it is to him, which he takes from us through a data bank, from my memory — from the darkness, and lets appear in the phenomenal world. We do it here in a physical condition. And getting to know yourself, and we know him, "inexplicable and unknowable."

Part 2:

— Do not be scared — told me a voice. He was deaf, as from the ground. At the same time, he seemed to came from me.
I looked around — no one around.
— Who are you? — I asked.
— I am nothing, do not try to see me again.
— Are you kidding me: That the Absolute is to visit, and now "Nothing," Are you playing with me?
— Yes, this is our game. And yours too. Remember that people do not have a body, and not even those subtle bodies of which it is composed. He is pure consciousness. And I have a clean conscience and a little more. And there is a game of consciousness, his creative game that you call work and life.
— But if the mind can do, then why would he need all those bodies?
— Body is its conductor, without consciousness of incapacity, it invests itself in the bodies to create the worlds in which these bodies are. In the physical, astral, mental, etc. Now relax. You're now calling in their meditations seem like an eternity. Now you see her.

There was a small buzzer. And I was suddenly over the mountains. It was good to see all the valley and my tent and my body, sitting under a cedar. I saw Sasha chopping wood near his winter quarters. Arshan and cars coming down the road, Tunka Valley, Lake Baikal.

— Well, what obvyksya — voice asked.
— Then moves.

And I flew, I thought on some corridor. On the right and left of me flashed bright light spots. I did not even have time to consider what was there. Looks like I did not fly, but rather expanded.

— This is all the worlds your universe — the voice said. Here is what you call the process of evolution. I want to show you the limit point of this path, which begins a new path, but within Eternity.

And then I walked into the space, filled with bright, bright light. This light was alive. My whole being was filled with light and it fluttered from the amazing vibrations of universal love can not be translated into our human language. It was an absolute joy, the absolute sense of eternity, of life or of being unconditional and omniscience.

I knew it all, I came through the inner eye, and he knew that he feels, what they think and what is going through every blade of grass, insect and those amazing luminous beings who are called planetary spirits. And I realized that I'm home and I do not want to leave here.

— You still have to be here early, — said the Voice.
— You must still go through the worlds, by which we move and do their work in it. Your mind must be clean, absolutely clean.
— What do you mean clean?
— This is when you will be free from all illusions of those worlds, and realize that they have a game of our consciousness. And when you become self conscious and you will learn to create their own worlds, you come here.

All that you see — these modulations of light and movement, these flashes and bursts, these glowing filaments and this amazing song you hear while you can not — this is the eternal creative process, which is eternally our consciousness.
It is here that originate ideas and plans for the future worlds and universes. Here endless experiments. Here it creates the illusion of the worlds in which you live or will live.

— If you do mind, then why do you call yourself nothing?
— I am not just a pure consciousness. I saturate it themselves. This is my tool. And about me as long as you really can not say anything. I am beyond your feelings and your understanding. I am nothing.
— But I hear you, I feel you.
— But you already know that's my game.
I can be all at the same time, I am nothing.
I'm out of your feelings and at the same time, I can feel and even touch. I am beyond your perception and at the same time open to understanding.

"I am where I do not have, but I do not have, and where I am." I Nothing great, with everything.
Sages call me -. Yes, I will, and at the same time it is. I am everything. And you, too, J. It's funny And I look at myself through you, as well as through the eyes of billions of other people and creatures of my universe.

You are my mirror and my reflection. You are my illusion created by the game of my imagination. I wanted to see myself and I came up, I wanted to hear myself and I came up with the ears, I wanted to feel your smell, and I came up with the nose. I wanted to express what I saw, heard and felt, I created a language.

No nothing in the universe that was not my reflection. Reflection of my own will, my knowledge and my consciousness.
There is only I. I realized this and you'll come to me again become me. Again, this is great all become a great nothingness. That is my great secret. And you will experience it only when paired with me. But tell her you have no one ever can. This is my eternal mystery.

Farewell, and remember: All your spiritual path, and good deeds and intentions lead to eternity.

I thought that were a matter of seconds and I was back in my body under a cedar, all in the same meditative pose. Apparently, there is a time in Eternity quite differently. Rather there it does not. When there is eternity, what can there be time?

After all, my body will not moving. It remained in place. Together with a thin body moved my consciousness. Actually, not moved, transformed, was part of some state Vsevideniya, omniscience, and Vsebytiynosti.

All phenomena, all the wonders of this world, all visions of saints, somatic state — also a special form of the state of consciousness.

Yes, there are Eternity and Infinity, but they exist only in the contingent world, built due to a form of consciousness. But, where is acquired pure consciousness — not eternal nor infinite not. Pure consciousness — it is also a special form of his condition.

— You're too fast paced, my son — suddenly said a familiar voice.
— You have touch my secret.
Even the fact that you think can not be — sometimes.



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