Street lighting will help weed

Street lighting will help algae Facts

Algae — a large group of diverse organisms living on Earth for billions of years. Algae are used by man for various purposes, and their ability to store solar energy can be a great way to deal with environmental problems.

The fact that some algae can produce energy, not only as a result of photosynthesis and oxygen evolution, but also the absorption of carbon dioxide. It is this property of interest to the French biochemist Kallezha Pierre, who spent several years on the invention of a street lamp, working From a bio released by algae after the absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Lamps Kallezha like big tank filled with water mixed with algae. During the day, these algae are engaged in photosynthesis and carbon dioxide adsorption of polluted urban streets, and when it gets dark, turn into environmental lanterns glowing from special batteries that are charged during the day energy obtained during the processing of CO2.

Advantage of these lights is that they can work in the underground parking garage, because for them enough energy storage of carbon dioxide from passing cars. On the streets and in the houses of the algae continue to work through the sunlight and photosynthesis.

These lanterns can be a great alternative to electric lighting, saving the cost of producing electricity, and contribute to the purification of urban air, where few trees and other vegetation.

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