Strengthen the protection of the missile after a blogger posted photos

Strengthen the protection of the missile after the published photos of the bloggerOutposts of one of the missile units in the suburbs will be intensified after the publication of photos on the web. This was told RIA Announces September 8 citing a senior representative in the Russian Defense Ministry. One of the Russian bloggers posted photos on the web, made on the ground of a military missile, which depicted the rocket launchers.

"The Defense Ministry is aware of this publication. At the current time of the command, where these pictures were made, is conducting a series of measures to eliminate shortcomings in the areas of military outposts part," — said the official. He noted that all officers to carry out checks have reason to believe that some of the posted photo was made person having legitimate access to this military facility.

Strengthen the protection of the missile after the published photos of the blogger

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"Apparently, the man and handed photos of missile systems to one of their own friends. Currently, this information is verified," — said the source. He added that citizens strolling through the woods in the area of military objects, you need to be as careful and not try to infiltrate the guarded area, because it can lead to disastrous consequences.

"Outposts can be not only open, and hidden. According to the regulations, battle guard has the right to use in respect of third parties, illegally caught in the area of protected military facility, a tool, "- said the source agency.

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