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The UN report on global warming: the first "wash away" the U.S. and the UK climate will become Norway



If global warming will continue to go as fast as it is now, the geographic, economic and political map of the world in the next 50 years will change beyond recognition.
The English will be read less as the evenings in the UK will be lighter and less rainy, and the famous English gardeners begin to breed and grow rhododendrons at bananas and pineapples. No longer need to spend money on expensive foreign holidays, enjoying Mediterranean weather at home …
Late last year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change United Nations has extended the results of the study, according to which the sea level rise at the current trends will be in 2100, the ninth year of 10 to 90 cm over the past 100 years, sea level has risen by 10-20 cm
Researchers continue to debate the causes of "greenhouse effect", but agree that the climate becomes more unpredictable, increase the number of showers, storms and floods.
According to UN estimates, natural disasters this year have caused damage to the global economy $ 60 billion. Caused disaster called global warming.
The first continental country, which will be faced with the problem of coastal flooding will be the United States. The greatest destruction undergo states of Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina and Maryland.
The biggest losses will incur North Carolina and Maryland, as the coastline in the most densely populated them. Coastal areas of Florida and Louisiana in the majority of cases are swamps, flooding will lead to environmental disaster.
At risk than the United States includes countries such as Bangladesh, Thailand and Egypt.
Will be flooded delta the most fertile lands of the Nile, the Amazon, Yangtze, Mekong. In these territories inhabited by 7 out of 10 people on the planet.
There will be a gradual shift boundaries temperate forests to the north and a decrease in their area. Desert area will increase by 17%. For countries with undeveloped countries (Africa, Asia), which are particularly sensitive to small changes in climate, it means hunger and epidemics.
Warming means the spread of tropical insects — the carriers of dangerous diseases. Thus, the Asian tiger mosquitoes will move to more northern areas, expanding habitat. They are the bearers of hemorrhagic fever, which kills 5 percent of those infected.
Oceania and other small island states waiting for the flooding, the cessation of farming, logging and soil erosion.
One of the obvious evidence of increased rate of warming — dramatic climate change in Britain.
We can assume that there are practically established a continental climate, winter and rainy London became a myth. This is due to the insularity of the country, where the climate is highly dependent on ocean currents, in particular — from the Gulf Stream.
It would seem that ocean warming should cause warming and sushi, but not all that easy. Cold streams, more dense because of its salinity and sink to the depths, sending its waters in the tropical latitudes, forcing the warm water to the surface. Warm flows back to the Arctic.
The Gulf Stream is included in these processes, the climate warmed Britain an average of five degrees Celsius. However, the overall increase in ocean temperatures led to what is conventionally exchange movements have lost clarity and cold currents are not able to push and set the direction and strength of the warm currents.
In the next few years in Britain, the temperature drops to 11 degrees, and in some regions of the island set at the same temperature as in the Norwegian archipelago Svolborg (1200 km from the North Pole).
The climate in the UK is changing rapidly and more and more resembles the Mediterranean with a hot, sometimes dry summers and wet winters, fraught with floods. More and more people in the country are concerned that the pride of the British famous English lawns with their emerald green lawns, perfect hair cut is already three years old, can just burn in the hot summer sun.
Information about global warming is no longer in a debate in the press — it is a fact well known, but no less sad.


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